Knowledge base

The Philosopher

Known for their insights and wisdom, the Philosopher is keen to understand how the world works and have an inherent desire to explore. They are observant and curious, and can often be geniuses of some sort. They can be very focused and are also known to be good strategists.


The Philosopher is free-flowing and unique; an idiosyncratic mind that seeks special knowledge. The Philosopher Profile is the ultimate free-spirit. You are often gifted in intellect and creativity, and love to explore the unexplored and the esoteric. You can be extremely observant and open-minded, and often attain mastery in your wide variety of interests.


However, they can spend too much time mulling over internal thoughts and feelings that they lose touch with the world around them. They can be intensely solitary and pull themselves into isolation when under pressure. They may end up with a case of a nervous breakdown if overwhelmed with too much thoughts and worries on their mind. You tend to keep your thoughts to yourself too often, becoming mysterious to even those who know you. You may at times escape from reality that is too harsh by going away on flights of fancy denial.

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