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The Pioneer

The Pioneer is known for their gumption, ingenuity and no-holds-barred approach to life. They are extremely pragmatic, risk-averse and action-oriented. They like having a sense of power and being able to prove their strength. They are loyal and generous to those close to them.


The Pioneer is a powerhouse of energy and daring go-getter, a competent and straight-talking force of change. The Pioneer Profile is a visionary who thinks big, with plenty of ambition to spare. You are independent and capable, and don’t see why you shouldn’t get what you want if you work hard to attain ti. You build yourself and your life from scratch.


On the negative side, they can be extremely willful and domineering. The Pioneer can be headstrong, blunt, confrontational and vengeful. “Never say die” is their motto, and dislikes weakness or to be questioned. They are also likely to be careless as they tend to look at the bigger picture and neglect the small details.¬†You can become filled with temper when things go awry, and take your independence too far. You get impatient easily and expect things to always go your way.

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