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The Warrior

Expect this hero to save the day. The Warrior represents leadership skills, power and authority. Hence, they have outstanding natural-born ability to exercise command and authority. They are courageous, robust and resilient, and no setback can slow them down.


The Warrior is strong and powerful; a natural-born leader commanding authority. The Warrior Profile zeroes in on a problem, and effortlessly masters control of the situation and the people. You are robust and resilient, and dive headfirst into challenges. Once you’ve got your mind made up, only the foolish would dare oppose you.


That said, the Warrior can also be overly-demanding and pushy Рor worst: brutish and forceful. They have a reactive personality, which may be less prone to analytical thinking and reasoning. They are also likely to be suspicious, temperamental and defensive. You can be overbearing and blunt, and have strongest rules to follow that may prove to be difficult to other people. You dislike being pressured, and may become temperamental.

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