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Our experts confirm Angelina Jolie’s suffering from Hepatitis C may well be true

Posted on September 25, 2012, Posted in Entertainment, News

The news that Angelina Jolie might be suffering from Hepatitis C caused by drug abuse in her younger years was revealed today. This might be the reason for her dramatic weight loss in recent months and her recent collapses in public.


We checked her element situation straight away and we have to confirm her suffering from a liver condition since 2009 which is now manifesting itself more intensely.

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What made Pink Floyd so great and why they fell apart?

Posted on September 17, 2012, Posted in Entertainment

Explaining who Pink Floyd are is probably a waste of time.

As one of the greatest rock bands in history, these true pioneers of progressive rock were constantly developing and with each album breaking new boundaries of what was possible in music.


It did become public how troubled they were and how bitterly they fought amongst themselves as to who was in charge and who had the strongest influence over the band.


Who was mostly at loggerheads were David Gilmour, vocals and songwriter and Roger Waters, bass guitar and songwriter as well.

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Yang Earth Series – Mark Zuckerberg

Posted on September 12, 2012, Posted in Business, Case studies, Technology

Image: Time

Yang Earth people are currently in very lucky period for business and making money. This period lasts from 2004 to 2024. Mark Zuckerberg started his company exactly on beginning of this lucky period, February 2004, and in the year of Yang Wood / Monkey, which is loaded with his favorable elements.


Therefore it’s not surprising that Facebook became one of the biggest and most famous companies that emerged in last few years, founded by this extremely strong Yang Earth personality.

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Andy Murray and Ivan Lendl – Two Yang Woods teamed up for great results

Posted on September 11, 2012, Posted in News, Sport

Image: The Sun

Andy Murray finally reached his goal. He bitterly lost many finals in recent years, but now his perseverance literally paid off. This great breakthrough happened after Murray hired a new coach, the tennis legend, Ivan Lendl, or Ivan the terrible, as he used to be called. The man with no smile finally succumed to showing a small portion of his front teeth while slightly shifting from side to side during the award ceremony which could have signified some satisfacion at having helped to bring this victory about.

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Daily Element Forecast – 5. September, 2012

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Today we are having another strong earth day, Yin Earth day and Yang Earth month plus some additional earth in every single zodiac sign.

Fire is still very weak, specially due to strong earth element which is really not helpful for fire people.

Today is also Snake day, Horses should take care, specially between 9-11 am.

Daily Element Forecast – Tuesday, 04. September

Posted on September 4, 2012, Posted in Daily element forecast

Today we are having several strong combinations / clashes. Double Yang Earth (Day and Month), double Dragon (Day and Year) and strong water cooling down weak fire.

Yang Earth mostly influences negative on Yin Fire people, it buries their fire. On positive side, elements like Yin Water, Yang Water and Yin Wood will strive.

People born in Dog year might suffer from very strong Dragon influence today.

And generally, we have very strong water today, it’s +5.0, highest it can get. On other hand we have again weak fire, this time going low as -5.0, combine that with strong water which cools down fire anyway, we can draw conclusion that lacking fire people will have some difficulties today.

Daily Element Forecast – Monday, 3. September, 2012

Posted on September 3, 2012, Posted in Daily element forecast

Daily Element Forecast

Today we are having the other side of Fire element, the Yin Fire. It’s not very strong Yin Fire day due to general weak fire and high amount of water, so its effect might not be very strong, but still, elements like Yin Wood and Yang Wood might feel some burning around the edges.

It’s a Rabbit day, meaning Roosters should be careful today and try to keep their emotions down.

And please, don’t forget, we are still in Monkey month so Tigers should be aware of this all the time.

Daily Element Forecast – Sunday, 2. September, 2012

Posted on September 2, 2012, Posted in Announcements, Daily element forecast
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Daily Element Forecast

Today we are having a bit of a clash, a Tiger day in a Monkey month, troubles are inevitable, specially for Monkey people.

It’s Yang Fire day but fire generally is not so strong today, 2.4 points bellow zero, so its effect on Yin Water people, the ones who usually suffer the most under strong sun, will not be so dramatic.
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Daily Element Forecast – Saturday, 01. September 2012

Posted on September 1, 2012, Posted in Daily element forecast
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It’s full moon time and although its maximum was yesterday for sure many are still having symptoms such as irritability, exaggerated worrying, lack of confidence, pains and aches and not being able to sleep. Some of us, all depending on our elements, will suffer from a slight to severe distortion of reality for up to 4 days around the full moon. Others will be enjoying the other side of the scale, feeling exhilarated and happy.
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