Daily Element Forecast – Saturday, 01. September 2012

Posted on September 1, 2012

It’s full moon time and although its maximum was yesterday for sure many are still having symptoms such as irritability, exaggerated worrying, lack of confidence, pains and aches and not being able to sleep. Some of us, all depending on our elements, will suffer from a slight to severe distortion of reality for up to 4 days around the full moon. Others will be enjoying the other side of the scale, feeling exhilarated and happy.

Daily Element Forecast

On the element field, we are under influence of Yin Wood today, in combination with Ox.

Many elements are happy with Yin Wood, Yang Metals will be very productive, Yin Fire people will enjoy their fire being boosted. Yin Wood is not particularly bad for any element although Yang Wood and Yang Earth may suffer from having to handle overgrowing plants creeping all over them, but today that might not be the case, the yin wood is not very strong.

What is specific for today is that we don’t have any fire, zilch, zero! People who generally lack fire might feel unmotivated and unwilling to talk. To overcome that it’s best to go out and sweat a bit, get some direct sunlight, if you are so lucky and its not overcast.

Ox will make this day a difficult for Sheep, specially for those Sheep who lack fire, this will be not easy day.

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