John Lennon’s death explained

Posted on October 31, 2012

A few days ago we wrote a post about the cooperation between John Lennon and Paul McCartney where we examined what caused such amazing chemistry between them. Very soon after we had lots of requests to explain why John Lennon died and whether there was something specific going on that day from the element point of view.

We dug into the charts which clearly revealed the cause of that tragic incident.


As we already mentioned in the last post, John Lennon was an extremely weak Yin Wood, born in the Dog month when this element is the weakest. He had very little water, weak fire and an extremly strong Yang Metal element which was threatening to simply chop down his wood, a life threatening element situation indeed.


Balancing elements with little help of his friends


John Lennon was lucky enough to spend time with McCartney who pretty much had a perfect element combination for him: plenty of water to nurture Lennon’s Yin Wood and plenty of fire to warm it up and to melt his metal, which was an exceptionally good thing for Lennon’s health. After his McCartney era Lennon’s health was relying on Yoko Ono who supported him with her strong Yin Wood and warm Yang Fire.


The problem is that Yang Fire is not as effective in controlling Lennon’s metal while McCartney’s Yin Fire could melt and control it.


 The metal found its way


A good 10 years after Lennon split with McCartney he came to a year which was extremely dangerous for Lennon. 1980 was a combination of Yang Metal and Monkey, the zodiac sign which also contains the Yang Metal element. That very day, the 8th December, 1980, when Lennon was murdered, was a Yin Wood / Rabbit combination, a deeply rooted Yin Wood day.


This combination caused the major clash of elements, the Yang Metal of the year was cutting the Yin Wood of the day, which made it really difficult for Lennon who was, as we said, a very weak Yin Wood person.

The Yang Metal / Monkey combination happens every 60 years, and throughout that year there were five to six occasions when Yin Wood showed up in this constellation. John Lennon survived all previous clashes that year, mainly because they took place in the spring, summer and autumn when Yin Wood is still solid. Once the clash occurred in the winter, when Yin Wood is at its weakest, the Yang Metal finally found its way in the form of the deadly bullet hitting the helpless Yin Wood.


A weak chart destined for short life


John Lennon was born with a very weak element combination. His chart was full of clashes, Dragon year against Dog month, Yang Metal year against Yin Wood day and his Yin Wood not being very fond of his two Roosters, all together a very difficult conditions indeed.


He was lucky enough to obtain vital elements from McCartney and Yoko Ono. But even with their support, his destiny was inevitable and it was just a question of an exact element combination to trigger such outcome. If it hadn’t been a bullet it would have been something else, maybe a major health problem. If it hadn’t happened that year it would probably have happened very soon when another Yang Metal / Yin Wood clash occurred. His five element condition was simply not balanced enough to have a long life and the two people who kept him alive for so long were his bandmate and his wife Yoko.


The music itself was also a great help to stay alive and keep his metal under control. Music and singing are Fire element, and the more he was performing that more balanced he was.


In John Lennon case, music was indeed his life.

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