What made John Lennon and Paul McCartney work so well together and why they split

Posted on October 30, 2012


UPDATE: We also examined the reason for Lennon’s death, fascinating stuff indeed.


The Beatles are by far the most famous and most successful band in the history of music. The four of them managed to create an unique chemistry producing music which took the world by storm.


We probably all agree the most important ingredient of the band was the fantastic creativity match of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, to whom the band owes probably over 90% of all hits.


We decided to have a deeper look into their elements to find out what triggered such an inspired cooperation.


Lennon, a gloomy and cold Yin Wood


John Lennon was a Yin Wood / Dragon personality (Lennon’s Life Analysis). His Yin Wood was very weak, him having been born in October when this element is the weakest. This Yin Wood was further threatened by a strong metal element which was felling him. Cutting and pruning is usually fine for Yin Wood if it is strong and healthy, but John Lennon was not.


His chart is too cold and he badly lacked the fire element to help him grow and resist the threatening metal elements.


McCartney, a boiling water


Paul McCartney is a Yang Water / Horse (McCartney’s Life Analysis). His chart is pretty much the opposite of Lennon’s. McCartney is born in the middle of summer (Horse month). The additional Horse, Goat and Tiger in his chart make this Yang Water very hot, to the boiling point.


Already at the first level we can see why they initially liked each other. Lennon’s chart was too cold and in desperate need of fire. McCartney’s chart was too hot and he felt good in the presence of somebody with cooling elements. Lennon’s strong Metal element was also very suitable for McCartney, who didn’t have any, so he could use his force of fire to melt this metal, making it less dangerous for Lennon’s weak wood and at the same time weakening his own excessive fire through this process. This was one perfect element combination.


Lucky 10 year cycle


Further down, there are also some good zodiac combinations, as for example Lennon’s Dog harmonising with McCartney’s double Horse and Tiger. McCartney was going through a Monkey cycle luck from age 17 to 26 making him very attracted to Lennon’s Dragon year. On the other hand Lennon was going through a Rat luck cycle which went very well with McCartney’s Monkey cycle. In general the three, Dragon, Rat and Monkey are very fond of each other and they all found their place in those early Beatles years, creating the very harmonious relationship.


The question is what went wrong later on, considering they had such good combination? What can it be? Well, with men, it can only be either women or money. Or both.


And there she comes… a wood to climb on


John Lennon, as mentioned above, is an extremely weak Yin Wood. He would naturally incline towards people who have strong wood. Troubles arose between McCartney and Lennon once Yoko Ono came into the game (Yoko Ono’s Life Analysis). Yoko Ono is a Yin Wood, as John Lennon, but she is strong, born in the Tiger month which represents the beginning of spring. She also has Rabbit in her chart bringing an additional portion of wood, and she is born in the Yang Wood month.


She contributed the much needed fire and water to this relationship as well. Her chart is warm and rather balanced.


Between the two of them they had 2 Dragons and 2 Roosters in the chart. Dragon and Rooster can have a very passionate relationship, especially in the bedroom.


A need to grow


McCartney’s strong fire was keeping Lennon’s Yin Wood warm and his metal under control, but at one point Lennon felt the urge to grow and in order to do so the best thing for him was to cling to a strong wood person. Yoko Ono is strong Yin Wood and she also has a strong Yang Wood element, which represents trees. John Lennon’s Yin Wood was using her Yang Wood to grow further up.


Lennon’s strong metal was also useful for Yoko Ono who’s wood needed some trimming for more healthy growing.


As one can see, Lennon was getting a lot from Yoko Ono, plus her being a bit wacky and artistic attracted him even more. McCartney was a more down to earth person and not much of a philosopher. Wood people are generally very attracted to spirituality and esoterics and this is where those two hit it off.


In the 1969 there were a couple of elemental clashes between the three of them making Lennon and Ono more rebellious and agressive towards McCartney who was probably jealous because she took Lennon away from him.


At that stage the differences were increasing by the day, their luck period didn’t support them anymore and Yoko Ono was just a person to finish the whole thing off by taking Lennon away.


Nature gives and nature takes


And there we go, nature’s way is you have a good period and you have a bad one. It is most important to recognize good ones and make the best of them, and when a bad period comes in, try to react less with emotions and more with logic. If you have to end certain relationships or partnerships, try to end them in a peaceful way. Some things are just not meant to last forever.


For almost a decade Lennon and McCartney  had a very good element match and their combined personalities were producing an amazing chemistry. Lennon had very strong metal which gave him one kind of sharpness, easily detectable in his lyrics. A fragile Yin Wood personality gave him the gentleness while the Dragon made him powerful at the same time. Really nice combination. One other of his characteristics was his ability to lead people, his being a so called warrior, the one who is always on the front line, leading the others straight into the battle field. A brave person indeed.


He can be considered quite lucky for having McCartney and Yoko Ono to support him with right kind of elements. Without this support his genius would never be able to come out, not according to his own element chart.


McCartney on other hand, due to his Yang Water characteristics, had the ability to gain knowledge and understanding about music and was able to adapt to any style required. His double Horse made him very sociable, friendly and likable on stage. Due to his special element combination he had also the typical strong characteristics of a pioneer, somebody who would always seek for new, groundbreaking things.


And that’s what they booth did, a wonderful and groundbreaking music which will last, well, probably forever.

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