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Family series – What are good years for giving a birth to a healthy and balanced child

Posted on December 4, 2012, Posted in Family

This post is part of our new series based around family topics.


When it comes to elements, there are good years and there are bad years for giving birth to a child. What is most important is that element and zodiac are well balanced and do not create a clash or simply overwhelm certain element.


As you can see from the example on the top, yearly element and zodiac are found on the right side of the person’s element overview.

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Yang Water Series – Bill Gates

Posted on December 3, 2012, Posted in Business, Case studies, Technology

Name: Bill Gates
Profession: Businessman
Birthday: 28. Oct. 1955
Main Element: Yang Water
Zodiac: Wood Goat













After a short break we are continuing with our element series and introducing famous people from each of the ten main elements. We already covered Yang Metal and Yin Metal, and are now introducing some Yang Water celebrities and successful people.


We can't start any conversation about Yang Water personalities without mentioning the most powerful Yang Water person of our time, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft.


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