Family series – What are good years for giving a birth to a healthy and balanced child

Posted on December 4, 2012

This post is part of our new series based around family topics.


When it comes to elements, there are good years and there are bad years for giving birth to a child. What is most important is that element and zodiac are well balanced and do not create a clash or simply overwhelm certain element.


As you can see from the example on the top, yearly element and zodiac are found on the right side of the person’s element overview.

Let’s start first with good combinations.


This year 2012 for example is quite a good combination, Yang Water / Dragon. Water Dragons are considered to be the best of all Dragons, due to their balanced element relationship. Dragon mainly represents Yang Earth which goes rather well with Yang Water, but also has a fair amount of Yin Wood and Yin Water. Children born in the Water Dragon year are considered to be highly moral and with strong principles. They often enjoy a very high social or political status.


But a Water Dragon year brings also a set of problems, such as floods, earthquakes and a very cold winter some of which we witnessed in last 10 months. The Water Dragon year brings lots of opportunity but also lots of challenges.


Another good year is the Wood Goat (1955). Here we have a healthy combination of Yin Wood, Yin Fire and Yin Earth, and if the person is born in a month or day with a lot of water, you get a perfect ecosystem for healthy growth. Just to point out how healthy conditions the Wood Goat creates would be the information that Steve Job and Bill Gates are both born in the Wood Goat year, the two most powerful tech entrepreneurs in history. Children born in the Wood Goat year are considered very artistic, brave and adventurous.


There are many other good combination, these two examples are just to show you the principle, which is that elements have to create a healthy environment which supports growth, then people born in that kind of year will be more balanced. Of course, if the month, day and hour match that ecosystem as well then you get an extraordinarily balanced person who will have a very successful life. We have to also point out that even if you give birth in a very good year, if month, day and hour go terribly wrong there will be big disbalances.


Now, let see how bad year might look like.


We can start already with our next year, 2013, which will be Yin Water / Snake. Here we have a problem between Yin Water and Yang Fire, which comes with Snake. Yin Water represents clouds while Yang Fire represents sun. Yin Water is on the top, therefore stronger and overwhelms the Yang Fire. Kids born in this year might be overly sensitive.


Another typically bad year is the Fire Horse, for very obvious reasons. Here we have two fire elements joining together in a massive flame. Fire Horse people are considered to be highly erratic and unstable, unable to settle to anything. Now imagine a child being born in this year, during the summer and under a Yin Fire or Yang Fire day element? This child would suffer from many problems starting from relationship, health, finances to having awkward social behaviour. With this kind of fire in many cases the child wouldn’t even survive the birth.


Bad years are those where elements create one kind of hostile environment where basically nothing can grow. It can be either extremely hot, or cold, or there are many clashes between elements, making it very difficult for other elements to fit in.


It’s our obligation to get it right


So, there you go, hopefully we manage to give you some picture what is required to have a balanced year and with it to give birth to a balanced child. Of course, things go much deeper than this, there are many, many combinations and scenarios which we have to count in, but hopefully with our future Life Analysis updates we will be able to clarify most of them, so when you plan your next baby you can make the best out it.


Giving birth to a healthy and balanced child is an obligation, first towards the child and then towards ourselves and society. Every new child which is not balanced requires much more time, energy and resources to fix it and put in a right direction. Investing all our energy and money for schooling and education when the basic material is already damaged may be futile.


If we all learn how to create healthy and balanced children right from the start our world would indeed be a better place.

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