Yang Water Series – Bill Gates

Posted on December 3, 2012

Name: Bill Gates
Profession: Businessman
Birthday: 28. Oct. 1955
Main Element: Yang Water
Zodiac: Wood Goat













After a short break we are continuing with our element series and introducing famous people from each of the ten main elements. We already covered Yang Metal and Yin Metal, and are now introducing some Yang Water celebrities and successful people.


We can't start any conversation about Yang Water personalities without mentioning the most powerful Yang Water person of our time, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft.


The main personality trait of Yang Water people is that they are able to reproduce any skill, knowledge or environment with great ease, fast and efficiently. They are extremely resourceful and able to store large amounts of information. Yang Water is represented by the ocean or a big river, vast expanses of water which reflect anything around or above it. That reflection occurs with the speed of light, just to give you an idea of how they proceed.


Bill Gates, a very strong and large Yang Water, reacted very much this potential. The most well known case is where he copied an operating system from Apple to develop Windows OS and with that very product turned his company into one of the most powerful corporations in the world.


Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, often pointed out this fact and was extremely angry about it for long time. He would for sure be much more forgiving if he had understand that this behavior is just very natural for and to be expected from Yang Water people and they really can't help it.


Element personality


Due to his specific element combination Bill Gates also has a very strong imagination which helped him to develop his business to such an extent.


A strong Yang Water / Yang Fire combination makes him very creative and able to think very quickly about certain issues and come out with a solution in no time.


His most dominating profile is Director, which represents a person who is able to manage people and situations and likes to be in control.


Zodiac personality


Being born a Goat makes him very artistic. Goats usually do not like to work, but they do like to boss around and point out every single detail that might be out of sync, Interestingly enough, Steve Jobs was a Goat as well, just he was much more brash than Gates. Gates is also born in the Dog month which makes him a kind and pleasant person and very popular. His Wood Goat year also makes him very brave and adventurous and these qualities he was sharing with his good friend and competitor, Steve Jobs.




It is interesting to investigate Gates' money luck, him being one of the wealthiest people in the world. His money luck is extremely solid, almost perfect, deeply rooted in his chart and well supported by all other elements. A man with this kind of chart simply can't be poor and whatever he does money will come poring in. Of course, the day and hour when Bill Gates was born probably over 30.000 other people were born as well. They all have the same money luck but the way the luck will manifest in reality very much depends on environment and education. However, all these people are very likely to have a stable income and no financial problems.


Bill Gates was just the luckiest of all to be born in Silicon Valley and having met all the right people at the right time. 




For a man money also represents women, therefore Bill Gates gets substantial support from his better half. Due to his element combination his money is very obvious, he does not have any underground business.




Bill Gates' chart is pretty much perfect when it comes to money, creativity and relationships. It is really no wonder that such person is practically the icon for wealth and global success.


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