And Oscar goes to… Daniel Day-Lewis

Posted on February 25, 2013
Daniel Day-Lewis


So, the Oscars have been and gone and this year there is no clear favorite. All the main Oscars were distributed quite fairly between a few great movies, mainly Argo, Lincoln, Silver Linings, Les Miserables and Django Unchained.


We decided to have a look into chart of the two best actors and two best supporting actors this year, maybe there is something interesting. In this first post we will cover the best actor, Daniel Day-Lewis.


Daniel Day-Lewis is born in a Rooster year on a Yin Metal day. The day of birth is the most important therefore he is considered to be Yin Metal person. Yin Metal already on it’s own is an element which seeks publicity and thrives in the limelight. Considering him being born in a Rooster year, which is practically a pure Yin Metal sign, we can conclude that he is clearly a strong Yin Metal person.


But although Yin Metal generally likes publicity, due to specific element combination Daniel Day-Lewis is rather an introvert person and doesn’t show his creative abilities easily. He is not a very chatty character and avoids any glamorous socializing, preferring to spend time with his close friends and family.


His money luck is great, he have healthy working atitude and he is also someone who is able to pull entrepreneurial projects. This means he is actually very good at managing his own money with no threat of money loss through bad investments or being cheated.


Daniel Day-Lewis chartThe main reason why he was able to pull such strong character as Lincoln, beside his creativity, is a very strong authority element which gives him power and control over people and situations. This element is often seen in high class politicians.


His physical and mental health is in very good shape so for sure we shall see more authority driven performances by this great actor in the coming years.


Regarding his 10 years luck, Daniel Day-Lewis is currently in a strong water period which boosts his creativity even further. Our current year is Yin Water Snake, which means his creativity will be recognized and awarded, as it was yesterday. Snakes mainly contain the Yang Fire element which represents the sun. The sun makes Yin Metal shine. Therefore more people are aware of his presence and are admiring his personality. Yang Fire also represents his acting job / career, which in his case brings recognition and awards. It is also significant  that we are currently in the Tiger month, which has strong Yang Fire presence as well. All was set for him to get this award.


Altogether, Daniel Day-Lewis’ chart is pretty amazing with only a few minor flaws. Due to his introvert personality he is not pushing his career as much as he could, considering his skills. Somehow his career is not his main focus and he likes spending time with other things as well. He is not a hard worker, meaning he will not chase a project after project to keep himself busy. He prefers to wait for a good opportunity and strike it with full force to bring him money and glory. Even for the Lincoln role he was hesitating for a long time until finally Leonardo DiCaprio persuaded him.  Interestingly his reasons for resisting to accept the Lincoln role was it being a bit daunting to him. This simply highlights his introvert personality and fear of the public and failure which he initially had. But once he overcomes this weakness and decides to step in, he does a tremendous job and he simply shines, like all quality and balanced Yin Metal people do.


There you go. Please take into account that we are missing the hour of birth and our calculations might be 15-20% off, but we doubt it would change much because his chart is quite clear and balanced.


Tomorrow we will make a post about another Oscar winner, Jennifer Lawrence.



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