And Oscar goes to… Jennifer Lawrence

Posted on February 28, 2013
Jennifer Lawrence


Here is our second post on the 2013 Oscar winners. Check out the analysis for Daniel Day-Lewis which we did earlier.


In this post we are going to analyze Jennifer Lawrence’s chart. Jennifer won an Oscar for best female actress in the movie Silver Linings Playbook


Jennifer Lawrence is born in a Horse year on a Yang Water day. The day element represents her dominating personality trait. Her being born in the Monkey month makes her water stronger, as it is going into autumn. Therefore her Yang Water element is considered to be fairly strong.


The interesting thing about her is that from the outside and from her acting roles she seems very outspoken, extrovert and a bit of a rebel, somebody who could tell you off. However from her element placement in the chart we can see that she is quite different, actually a soft and gentle person. Jennifer Lawrence is not the person she seems and it takes time for her personality to be revealed.


Her most dominating characteristics are resourcefulness and her ability to think out of the box. She is quite wacky, eccentric and she probably has strange hobbies. She is emotionally and mentally very strong, but her physical health needs attention.


Jennifer Lawrence chartHer money luck is solid, generating directly from her hard work. Like Daniel Day-Lewis she also has a strong authoritative element. Her job / career is very important to her, keeping her balanced. Actually the more she works the better she will feel. Strong Yang Water people have a tendency to “overflow”, not  to be able to settle for anything, having lots of ideas and persueing many projects but in the end having no result.


Luckily, Jennifer Lawrence has a strong Earth element which keeps her water under control, giving her purpose and a sense of direction. Without this strong element she would be just one of those many eccentric talented young people who could’t keep things together to make a breakthrough.


People born in the year of the Horse love talking and movement and being outdoors. Therefore we often see her  in roles where she moves a lot like in the Silver Linings Playbook (running) and the Hunger Games (being chased or chasing others) while she can also articulate herself very well.


From her chart we can also see that her mother is a great support to her and quite an open-minded person. This becomes evident in her mother letting her pursue acting career so early in life and so far from home, going from Kentucky to New York to find a talent agent.


Last year she entered a 10 years luck period which boosts her money luck and at the same time brings balance to her eccentric nature. Consequently we were able to notice her popularity rising rapidly in the last 2 years. This year and the next few are also very beneficiary for her, bringing lots of fire element to balance her strong metal and water element.


Jennifer Lawrence is a very interesting person and due to her mildly eccentric behavior she is gaining lots of popularity. The key for her is to keep any eccentric behavior under control and deliver it in healthy doses, otherwise she might not be able to handle the  pressure of being a celebrity and the enormous expectations which naturally arise after winning an Oscar. She is now in her lucky 10 years fire period which keeps her metal and water under control. It will be interesting to see whether she will be able to extend her successful career beyond that period. So far, so good.

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