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World Cup player of the day – James Rodriguez

Posted on June 29, 2014, Posted in Sport

james-rodriguezSo, after a little break the World Cup is back, now with the knock out phase which is already creating so much excitement.


We somehow overlooked one team during the group phase, Columbia, while they were playing exceptionally well. Especially their main striker, James Rodriguez, who is now the top scorer in this World Cup. He is also currently a top player on the FIFA Castrol Index.


James Rodriguez has a very interesting chart, a Yin Water born in a Goat month, which represents the end of the summer season with additional two Goats on his day and year pillar.


Here is his chart:


This combination is bringing him a massive amount of Yin Earth, making his The Warrior profile exceptionally strong. His creativity is also rather strong, in the form of The Artist profile, which is a bit more of an introvert type of creativity, and we can notice that he is bit shy when it comes to publicity.


Obviously, his Wood, Fire and Earth elements are good for him, therefore he is thriving in this Horse month and Horse year. Next year, which is Yin Wood / Goat, might be also very good for him, but it will be interesting to see how his career will develop when we enter  “colder” years from 2016 forward.

World Cup player of the day – Andrea Pirlo

Posted on June 26, 2014, Posted in Sport

Andrea_Pirlo_JuventusLast night we witnessed the exit of another favourite for winning the World Cup, Italy. This also might have been the last international game for one of the greatest playmakers in the world, Andrea Pirlo. Here is the chart:


His chart, when it comes to a football career, is a work of art, if we are allowed to call something that, which was created pretty much accidentally :-)


Another Yang Fire, like quite a few players we checked before, he was born in the Snake month, which is beginning of the summer, supported with additional fire left and right and a superb Creativity profile on top of everything. There is not even a drop of water in his chart, and he doesn’t need it because his chart is fully surrendering to the fire flow, which is exceptionally good in his case.


He even has significant amount of Metal to support his wealth and finalise the creative cycle of his chart. His Wood element is low, but there is not much need for it, his Fire is already super strong.


This is one of the most creative charts we have seen amongst football players. It’s not surprising that he is often praised to be one of the best football playmakers in the world.


Really there is not much more to say, than this man was born to be what he is, a creative genius.



World Cup player of the day – Arjen Robben

Posted on June 24, 2014, Posted in Sport

arjen-robbenConsidering that we are now in the 3rd round of the games we shall break away from the usual player of the day routine and present all those players who didn’t make it yet to this site yet deserve to be mentioned due to their overall performance in the last few years.


Arjen Robben is one of the most impressive players on this year’s World Cup, but somehow he was missing the title for the player of the day always for an inch, although his performance was superb. Here we would like to correct this.


When you see Robben moving on the field you have only one word which comes to mind, “power”. It was interesting to investigate what kind of chart produces this quality.


He is a Yang Fire born in the month of Ox, which is end of the Winter season, when Yang Fire is at it’s weakest. Luckily there is some wood around to break the earth and provide strength. This is his chart:


Water is the most dominant element in his chart, which in his case represents power and authority. Yang Water particularly makes Yang Fire react very fast, while Yin Water gives him commanding ability.


His creativity profile is very solid, like with most other players we checked. His Metal element is very low but in his case there is no need for it.


He is often accused for being selfish. This might be caused by the fact that there is no other fire element beside his Yang Fire in his chart. Due to this he might have a problem connecting with other people and preferring a solo game, which is actually not a good thing for a Yang Fire person since they really need a team of people to make them function, otherwise they become useless. The good news is that in the last match he actually assisted in scoring a goal. We are wondering whether this has anything to do with the Horse year and Horse month, bringing him improved social skills. :-)


Yang Fires are known for their ability to overcome obstacles in their chart, just by will power. There is no element which does this as well as them. There is one more quality which is sticking out and that is discipline, brought to him by his solid Director profile.


So, although his creativity is not on the level of Messi’s or Ronaldo’s, he makes it up with authority, discipline and power.

World Cup player of the day – Cristiano Ronaldo

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cristiano-ronaldoWe will make a little exception today and choose the player of the day not entirely because he was the best, but more because Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best football players in a history and considering that Portugal might not go any further, we will use this chance to present his chart.


In yesterday’s game, Portugal vs USA, he assisted in equalising the goals literally only a few seconds before the end of match, which kept Portugal’s hopes up to go to the next round.


Ronaldo is a Yin Wood person, born in the month of the Tiger, which represents the beginning of the Spring season, when Yin Wood is gaining strength. He is one of those strong self elements, the wood element being very vibrant in his chart and supported with water and enough moist earth to feed the roots. When the self element is strong these people tend to be very confident and with a strong ego also often showing themselves. This is the reason why he really enjoys all the media noise around him. He is like beautiful blooming, healthy plant which likes to be admired and presented.


When somebody has a very strong and healthy self element, they are also very competitive and thrive under pressure. His metal element is low and he actually does not need it.


This is one very well balanced Yin Wood and again we see the same pattern as in most other players, a high creativity profile, Yang Fire, which in turn feeds his wealth.


His relationship and money profile is clearly visible in his chart.. Therefore he is very attractive to women and people generally. Everybody can see easily what he has and he is willing to present it.


Altogether, an excellent chart with creativity and money profiles perfectly balanced. The older he gets, the more creative he gets and the more money he makes. It is one of those perpetuum mobile money charts.

World Cup player of the day – Miroslav Klose

Posted on June 22, 2014, Posted in Sport

miroslav-kloseLast night we had a great game, between Germany and Ghana, very open, clearly both teams going for victory, but in the end both had to be satisfied with 2:2.


Miroslav Klose is chosen a player of the day for two reasons. First he saved Germany from losing this match, and second he scored his 15th goal in a World Cup tournaments altogether, equalizing himself with the great Ronaldo from Brazil.


This is his chart:


Miroslav Klose is a Yang Water person, born in a Horse month, which represents the middle of the Summer season. He has one of those special charts where the classic rule of balancing elements does not really work. He is a so called feeble Yang Water, he does not have any element in the chart which would support Yang Water, neither Metal nor additional Water, beside his main element.


In his case, the Yang Water element has to surrender completely to the Fire and Earth element and remain that way. This means that generally periods with Water and Metal elements are not very good for him. We could have seen that yesterday. We are currently in a Horse year and Horse month, this is an excellent period for Miroslav Klose and it’s a great pity and a waste that his coach is not aware of this, or probably not aware enough, using him only when he has no other choice. It was a big question whether Klose would have a chance to score his 15th goal, due to younger competition, but by end of the game Löw gave him a chance and he paid him back literally two minutes later, by scoring a goal. You could see clearly, if he had more time he would score more, he is still hungry, and this is a sign when good destiny kicks in.


Klose’s zodiac animals are double Horse and Tiger. They are very dynamic, giving him incredible power on the field.


The Warrior Profile is very strong in his chart, it gives him a killer instinct to score a goal, but he lacks the creativity profile which most of the players we checked before had. However he makes up for that with hard work.

World Cup player of the day – Karim Benzema

Posted on June 21, 2014, Posted in Sport

karim-benzemaThe French national team has been a broken army for many years now, basically since Zinedine Zidan’s retirement. There are many reasons for that, but mainly  because of ego fights and inability  to follow a coach. In the last few tournaments the French team has been a laughing stock, due to their inability to function as a team.


But this year the situation is quite different, there is a new coach, Didier Deschamps, who is able to put all those egos in line. And they also have Karim Benzema, currently one of the most lethal attackers in the world.


Here is his chart:


Benzema is a Yang Water, a very strong one, born in the Rat month which represents the middle of Winter season when the Water element is the strongest. Here again we have same pattern as with many of the football players we covered before, a strong creativity profile, in his case manifested as a strong Wood element.


And then again, similar to other players, a full flow of elements from strong self, to creativity which turns into wealth. This is one of those simple and beautiful charts.


He does not have any Metal element and very little Earth, meaning that he is not easy to control, his Yang Water is in full gushing flow, which makes him a fantastic striker.


Yang Waters are known for their ability to find a way over obstacles, having flexibility and force, all in one. They are also very good copy cats, they can learn skills from other people very quickly, like an ocean which reflects the sunlight at the speed of light.


One more characteristic is prominent and that is his competitiveness. It is in his very nature to compete with others and he is not afraid of it, it drives him even more.


When we check his past, we notice that his career thrived during Water and Wood years, 2007 to 2012, and 2013 and 2014 when there was additional water and wood coming, but the question is how his career will react from 2016, when he enters 3 years of Metal, which might not be very beneficial for him.

World Cup player of the day – Luis Suarez

Posted on June 20, 2014, Posted in Sport

luis-suarezEngland lost their first match against Italy, but they were quite confident that in the next two matches, against Uruguay and Costa Rica, they would make it up by winning both matches and advance to the second round.


But they didn’t count on one thing, Luis Suarez.


Luis Suarez is a top scorer in english Premiership. However last month he was going through a difficult patch due to his injury and operation. He even had to miss a first match against Costa Rica, but luckily for Uruguay, he showed up for a second match and with two goals put England into a hopeless situation, with no chance now to advance to the second round.


Suarez is a Yin Water person, born in an Ox month, which represents the end of the Winter season. This is his chart:


Due to strong support from the winter season and additional metal element we can say that his Yin Water is very strong. In his particular case Suarez needs Yang Fire to warm up the chart, which is showing up in a big way in his yearly pillar, bringing the necessary balance to his chart.


Not to mention the current Horse year which brings even more fire, which  explains why he is having such an exceptionally good year. It seems also that his chart is benefiting from metal and water elements as well, keeping him strong and able to balance the fire.


The Earth element seems not be very good for him. Last month, while he had issues with injury, was a Yin Earth – Snake month. Yin Earth pollutes Yin Water, and in his case, disturbs the elemental flow in his chart. Luckily, that month is now behind and he seems to be in the right shape, just on time for the big show!

World Cup player of the day – Mario Mandzukic

Posted on June 19, 2014, Posted in Sport

mario mandzukicIt was quite difficult to choose yesterday’s player of the day, no one stuck out significantly. In the end we went for Mandžukic who scored 2 goals against Cameroon.


Here is his chart:


Mandžukic is a Yin Wood person, born in a Snake month, which represents the beginning of the summer. Summer is usually a tough season for Yin Wood, but in his chart we can sport a few good features which are creating a balance.


A decent amount of Yin Water helps to cool down the chart while the so called “wet earth” provides moisture for the Yin Wood roots. Therefore Mandzukic’s Yin Wood turns from weak to a rather vibrant one.


Mandzukic is another player of the day who has a strong creativity profile, brought about by his predominant Yang Fire. At this stage we can conclude that creativity is the most desired profile in a football player’s chart.


Here too we see a nice flow between a strong self element, creativity and wealth, the perfect chart for a successful athlete.

World Cup player of the day – Guillermo Ochoa

Posted on June 18, 2014, Posted in Sport

Guillermo OchoaToday for the first time we have a player of the day who is not very much known, it’s Mexico’s goalkeeper, Guillermo Ochoa.


Ochoa’s chart:


Mexico played a tough game against Brazil, trying to get away with at least 1 point, which would mean a lot to them. In the end they did, mostly thanks to great savings by Ochoa, leaving Neymar and the Brazil team rather desperate. After Croatia, this is a second match they were struggling in, but this time didn’t get any help from the referee.


Guillermo Ochoa is a Yin Water person, which is quite suitable for a goalkeeper. Yin Waters are known by their flexibility and unpredictability. His Yin Water is solid, but the element which is dominating his chart is Yin Earth.


Yin Earth in his particular case represents a Warrior profile. People with strong Warrior profiles are extremely driven, as the name implies. In some cases this can be manifested as impatience and these kind of people often react very fast, too fast for others. This can be a good thing but in some cases can be a downside, especially if you are a goal keeper.


Luckily this Warrior quality is not so apparent and reacts only in certain moments and under certain stimulation.


From his chart we can also see that he has self confidence and is a competitive type, which of course is perfekt for an athlete.


World Cup player of the day – Thomas Müller

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thomas-muellerOn Monday we had another great game, this time between Germany and Portugal. Obviously we expected our new hero would show up in this game. On one side we had a team with basically Ronaldo & everybody else, while the other side was a strong team-team, with no particular individual standing out.


After only 20 minutes however one guy started to pull its weight, Thomas Müller. In the end Müller scored three of four the goals and helping one Portuguese player get a red card as well.


Thomas Müller is a Yang Fire Person, the second Yang Fire we cover during this tournament. A few days ago it was Robin van Persie. Here is Müller’s chart:


Thomas Müller has a very strong Metal and Water structure, which mainly affects his authority. He is a person with strong leadership qualities and is able to gain control over matters and people. This can very distinctly be seen on the field, where he attacks with great confidence and authority.


His creativity is also strong, but not as a strong as in the players we checked a few days ago. It seems that his main qualities of attack are due to him being a Snake person. Snakes usually look like they don’t actually do much, but when the key moment arrives, one realises they are very well prepared indeed, for a snake bite.


Same with Thomas Müller, he is just hanging around the 16 meters, rarely doing much, but when the balls comes to his area, he is the first  to react fast and efficiently, often collecting those weirdly bounced balls and successfully putting them behind the line. That is typical Snake behaviour, invisible but highly effective.


We already mentioned before that Yang Fire people can be rather persuasive in achieving their goals, literally in this case. They also enjoy all the attention which comes with it. It’s hard to imagine a Yang Fire person working quietly as a defender, out of the limelight, unless they are in the leadership role, then it might work quite well.


Yang Fire is like the sun. They want to be big and bright, want people to see them, so what can be better then to score a goal within the toughest football competition, and then doing it three times!


If Germany manages to go far in this tournament, Thomas Müller is one of the most likely candidates  for best player of the tournament.