World Cup player of the day – Mario Mandzukic

Posted on June 19, 2014

mario mandzukicIt was quite difficult to choose yesterday’s player of the day, no one stuck out significantly. In the end we went for Mandžukic who scored 2 goals against Cameroon.


Here is his chart:


Mandžukic is a Yin Wood person, born in a Snake month, which represents the beginning of the summer. Summer is usually a tough season for Yin Wood, but in his chart we can sport a few good features which are creating a balance.


A decent amount of Yin Water helps to cool down the chart while the so called “wet earth” provides moisture for the Yin Wood roots. Therefore Mandzukic’s Yin Wood turns from weak to a rather vibrant one.


Mandzukic is another player of the day who has a strong creativity profile, brought about by his predominant Yang Fire. At this stage we can conclude that creativity is the most desired profile in a football player’s chart.


Here too we see a nice flow between a strong self element, creativity and wealth, the perfect chart for a successful athlete.

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