World Cup player of the day – Guillermo Ochoa

Posted on June 18, 2014

Guillermo OchoaToday for the first time we have a player of the day who is not very much known, it’s Mexico’s goalkeeper, Guillermo Ochoa.


Ochoa’s chart:


Mexico played a tough game against Brazil, trying to get away with at least 1 point, which would mean a lot to them. In the end they did, mostly thanks to great savings by Ochoa, leaving Neymar and the Brazil team rather desperate. After Croatia, this is a second match they were struggling in, but this time didn’t get any help from the referee.


Guillermo Ochoa is a Yin Water person, which is quite suitable for a goalkeeper. Yin Waters are known by their flexibility and unpredictability. His Yin Water is solid, but the element which is dominating his chart is Yin Earth.


Yin Earth in his particular case represents a Warrior profile. People with strong Warrior profiles are extremely driven, as the name implies. In some cases this can be manifested as impatience and these kind of people often react very fast, too fast for others. This can be a good thing but in some cases can be a downside, especially if you are a goal keeper.


Luckily this Warrior quality is not so apparent and reacts only in certain moments and under certain stimulation.


From his chart we can also see that he has self confidence and is a competitive type, which of course is perfekt for an athlete.


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