The Dance Of Light Between Marissa Mayer And David Karp

Posted on May 23, 2013, Posted in Business

downloadSome elements complement each other very well. one of the most dazzling relationships definitely being Yang Fire and Yin Metal. Yang Fire represents the sun while Yin Metal represents any kind of precious jewellery. The Sun loves to shine on reflecting objects and provide energy whilst precious metals love to be shone on and sparkle and be bright and beautiful.


Whenever a Yin Metal person has a lot of Yang Fire element or, the other way around, a Yang Fire person has a lot of Yin Metal, this person will most probably be famous or simply influential.

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12 Chinese Zodiacs in your company – Are your employees positioned correctly?

Posted on May 3, 2013, Posted in Business


If you are a business owner you will need to find the best way to decide quickly for which role or job each one of your employees is most suited. Usually we would rely on feelings, experience or recommendation, any misjudgment usually results in losses and frustration. However Chinese astrology can provide reliable and clear insights into potentials and possibilities.

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Why Andrew Mason from Groupon got fired – His chart gives us clues

Posted on March 1, 2013, Posted in Business, News, Technology, Uncategorized

Image: few days ago Andrew Mason, a founder of Groupon, sent a letter to his employees saying that he is fired from his CEO position at Groupon. You can read more about it in article.


This news didn’t surprise many. Since their initial stellar growth a few years ago Groupon recently failed to grow any further and increase profitability. One of the main criticism of the Groupon business is their failure to use their massive data to target their business more efficiently.


Therefor many users were tired of floods of deals which were not personalized enough. The writer of this article having some personal experience working with Groupon and selling vouchers for his local business can definitely confirm this problem.


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Yang Water Series – Bill Gates

Posted on December 3, 2012, Posted in Business, Case studies, Technology

Name: Bill Gates
Profession: Businessman
Birthday: 28. Oct. 1955
Main Element: Yang Water
Zodiac: Wood Goat













After a short break we are continuing with our element series and introducing famous people from each of the ten main elements. We already covered Yang Metal and Yin Metal, and are now introducing some Yang Water celebrities and successful people.


We can't start any conversation about Yang Water personalities without mentioning the most powerful Yang Water person of our time, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft.


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Yang Earth Series – Mark Zuckerberg

Posted on September 12, 2012, Posted in Business, Case studies, Technology

Image: Time

Yang Earth people are currently in very lucky period for business and making money. This period lasts from 2004 to 2024. Mark Zuckerberg started his company exactly on beginning of this lucky period, February 2004, and in the year of Yang Wood / Monkey, which is loaded with his favorable elements.


Therefore it’s not surprising that Facebook became one of the biggest and most famous companies that emerged in last few years, founded by this extremely strong Yang Earth personality.

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