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The only right way to describe Yang Fire people is as the The Sun and The Sunlight. It’s the only element which is not on the planet Earth and it’s the most important of all, because the The Sun gives us light, energy and wisdom.

This is the element that doesn’t need to receive anything in return for its endless capacity to give, which makes it very popular. It also makes it very independent. The Sun is the hub of creativity – they are out of the ordinary – as they are the producers of new, revolutionary ideas; this can make them seem unreal or look as if they live in illusion and have no sense of reality.

Yang Fire people do not care about money either. They are the only element which genuinely wants to change the world – and is the only one who usually can.

You can always count on a Yang Fire person, even if it sets in the evening, you know in the morning it’s coming back to continue its endless service.

Yang Fire people rarely lack energy; if they do then something is very wrong with them. They are always full of passion and always looking where to help or contribute.

Yang Fire people never give up and it’s almost impossible to stop them with their ideas and way of doing things. The problem might come if the The Sun is too strong they might burn things around them and make people run away; this is how they can ruin their opportunities. Yang Fire should learn when it’s good to stop, just to make sure they don’t create some damage with their over-enthusiasm to reach something.

Routine is everything to Yang Fire people – like The Sun rising and setting everyday exactly on time – that’s how they do things in life as well. They like steady routine for eating, exercising, doing business and everything else. This might sometimes be a problem for them because they are not able to come with out-of-the box solutions and they can spin in the same type of problem over and over again, not being able to break out.

Yang Fires are essentially happy people with a very optimistic view of the world. They do not regret their past because their view is only forwards. Their overly-positive attitude sometimes might harm them especially because they overlook the problems which are in their way.

Yang Fire people do not analyse things very deeply and they draw conclusions from a very small amount of information. Because of their naive nature they often get duped and misused by people.

The Sun reaches only the surface of everything and everybody on the planet and is not able to go deep, therefore they often miss-understand people’s characters. The Sun is simply too far to be able to involve in such details.

Yang Fire people use their feelings a lot and sometimes their emotions can cloud their rational mind.

When it comes to strategy, Yang Fire people like to follow their own standard set of principles and rules. Once they got the strategy right they move very fast. Once they do things they do not speculate whether it was right or wrong, they do not spend time rewinding the past figuring out what went wrong. They simply move forward.

Yang Fire people have natural self-confidence and they often look very carefree and relaxed, like the Sun, which effortlessly provides sunshine.

They are the ground breakers who like doing things first. They are also immune to people looking down on them; they will simply work harder to prove them wrong.

The Sun is the centre of every universe, therefore Yang Fire people like to be in the centre of any kind of gatherings, if not it might hurt their ego. This is especially the case with weak Yang Fires who are not able to shine with full capacity and thus feel even more hurt when others are around, hogging the limelight, and they go unnoticed.


At work Yang Fire people are always in full blaze, making sure that everybody is happy and that the job is done. They like routine jobs as it gives them sense of security. They also do not compete much with other colleagues, they simply like to provide energy to all of them. The problem might occur when there are two Yang Fire people at same work place; they might compete for people’s attention. In the end, our Solar System needs only one Sun.

Yang Fires usually are very artistic, make good consultants, are imaginative and seem to be not from this world. It’s difficult for them to have reality, everything they do is showing. They can’t hide much, as the Sun needs to shine, likes to be centre of attention, and doesn’t care for details. Yang Fires should not represent themselves, but link to partners, a team, company or mission, to balance their abilities, bring their ideas to reality and bring out the best in them. That’s because Yang Fires cannot function on their own; they need a team of people, doers who will turn their ideas into reality. A big threat for them is if they don’t have enough space to be creative they can get mentally ill because their ideas are not manifested.

Yang Fires also have difficulties feeling other people, as they are far from Earth, so often their actions might seem cruel and cold. But that is not the case – it’s just they are too big to notice others so much! However, when it comes to those who are closer to them, it’s a different story – as you will see in Friendship and Relationship.

The best careers for this type of element are those where they can constantly provide new ideas and inspire people.
The key for them is what kind of Sun it is. If it’s too strong – like the one born in the middle of summer – people might be hiding from it because it’s simply too intense.
The balanced – or even a little bit weak one – are much needed as the Sun is the most desirable when it is not too strong and thus people can enjoy in its power without getting burnt!.

Yang Fire needs to be independent and have their own space, like the Sun. They don’t need anybody to look over their shoulder, and this might annoy them very much. All they need to do is figure out the rules and routine and then they can get on with it.

But what they do need is lots of feedback and adoration; this alone will keep the fire burning.


Business and Leadership

Yang Fire as leaders are patient, gentle and a bit naive. They genuinely care about people and they will especially help those who are slow learners. But, if you are irresponsible and refuse to change, Yang Fire people can be very fierce. The one thing they hate the most are irresponsible people working for them.

They like mentoring and becoming friends with their subordinates, and they recognize each individual for their own potential and will help them to develop further.

When it comes to business Yang Fire people like fool-proof systems with very low risk. They like to take existing and proven products on the market and simply make them better and more attractive. The best example for this is Steve Jobs who turned Apple into a multi-billion dollar company by simply taking existing popular products, like mp3s and phones, and simply making them better and more attractive. Yang Fires are simply the best for these kinds of businesses. They like keeping an eye on the competition and using every opportunity to outsmart them with new ideas.

Because of their tendency for not taking risks they often miss opportunities. They also lack analysis of their business to see what made them go up or down. Therefore it’s very good for Yang Fire people to team up with skilful analysers who will help them to base their business on new data, cutting their risks down further.



When it comes to money, Yang Fire people are very much risk-averse. They invest only in fool-proof concepts and if something goes a little bit wrong they start to worry quite a lot.

Yang Fire are based on routine while investments are mostly based on elements of luck, chance and some knowledge. Therefore, because of their fear of this kind of activity, they often miss opportunities. For Yang Fire it is very important from a young age to learn how to take more risks, as this will help them to build their businesses much faster and further.


Friendship and Relationship

Yang Fire people put great value in their partners and whenever they make certain decisions, they want to make sure their partners are supporting them. They are very people orientated and this often clouds their judgment in situations.

At work they like to socialise and make friends – for them this is the most important thing. If they do not have good friends at work the Yang Fire person will very soon lose interest in work and will lack self-esteem.

They enter friendships and relationships with full heart, with no reservations. They simply love to take care of people they love!

This often can be a problem, especially in relationships, when things start to go sour, for Yang Fire it can be really heart-breaking. Like the Sun who tends to do one thing forever, they expect relationships to last forever as well.

Yang Fire people usually have long lasting friends, from their high school all the way to old age.

People are also naturally very attracted to Yang Fire people, and they often feel genuine warmth from them, like it’s coming from the real Sun.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Creative
  • Generous
  • Self expressive
  • Optimistic
  • Persevered
  • Confident
  • Friendly
  • Energetic
  • Committed
  • Loyal
  • Egotistical
  • Superficial
  • Conservative
  • Cautious
  • Unrealistic
  • Aloof
  • Self-centered
  • Inflexible
  • Habitual
  • Insensitive


Famous people

Bob Marley, Steve Jobs, J.K. Rowling, Pierre Cardin, Mikhail Gorbachov, Vladimir Putin, Peter Fonda, Russell Crowe, William Shatner, Warren Beatty, Paris Hilton, Eddie Murphy, Sharon Stone, Holly Hunter, Shaquille O’Neal, Garry Kasparov, John Major, Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey and Placido Domingo.

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