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The best way to imagine Yang Metal is as raw metal or a sharp, powerful sword or axe.

Yang Metal is strong; it is first formed deep inside the earth, works the hardest of all elements but also likes to control. As it is a raw material to start off with, it needs to be formed and tempered with thorough education and plenty of experience – just as a sword is made during a long process of manufacture; of heating, drawing and tempering, to become a much desired masterpiece with its own personality.

These types of people are tough and can handle large amounts of pressure. But, like anything else in life, they can develop in two directions; through hard training, pressure and work they can become an extremely useful tool, or, in the case where they had a very easy going early life, they can become extremely spoilt and lazy, with very low self-esteem.

Yang Metal people are one of the rare elements who actually enjoys pressure and challenges, as this is their natural state through which they can become more refined and simply stronger and better.

When a Yang Metal person is refined they achieve their goals exactly in the same way as the sharp axe cuts through wood, they choose their focus point and they go right to it, with full power. Once they choose their target it’s almost impossible to stop them, unless you don’t want to get hurt. They do not sit around… they do not think… once they make up their mind they are into direct action and only going forward.

On the other hand, a less developed Yang Metal lacks goals and motivation and might spend time waiting for things to happen, but it never will and they never do, unless they put themselves willingly under pressure so they can be refined and get that sharp blade they so need.

Clarity, focus and strategy are the most important virtues for Yang Metal. Without these they become like a crazy timber man, swinging his axe all over the place without any sense or clue, making damage all over the place and hurting people.

Refined Yang Metals are very good strategists and they can be excellent politicians, like Margaret Thatcher or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Yang Metal people are extremely competitive, they love challenge, they love to win and simply hate to lose, but they will rarely show that and will try to keep their cool. Their self-confidence is very much related to whether they are winning or not.

Pride also takes quite an important role when they are making decisions; they like to be sure that their image will be high and intact, so therefore they do not like making mistakes. Because of this they like to control themselves, even more than they should, so often they look a bit stiff and reserved. This pride can be their weakest point and obstacle which can even stop them from developing.

Metal in ‘default’ position is cold, and while cold they are able to be tactful and reasonable. The problem comes when they go into action and they start to heat up, their emotions come out and often rage, and this sometimes can blind them in the middle of action, losing their focus, and if the fire gets too strong, the metal will just start to melt, it will lose its strength and they will simply be out of the game. For them is very important to stay cool while going into action, keeping their strategy and focus and not let any perceived ‘enemies’ cause any heated situations to develop.


Yang Metal people do not pay much attention to details, they like charging forwards, so often they might become reckless. It’s good for them to team up with people who can handle the detailed parts of a job.

In the workplace they can be stubborn and often bluntly tell to others what is wrong with their work or project, but only because they like things to get done, still, it rubs some people up the wrong way and can create conflict.

Yang Metal has the most industrious personality of all – not in terms of how much they produce, but rather in the amount of time they are working, doing, and being active. Yang Metal is like a knife or an axe – its only job is to cut – it doesn’t have any other purpose – without it being used for cutting – it’s useless. Yang Metal needs to be guided to be optimal in its effect and able to prioritize.

As for their careers – they can do any kind of job – as long as they have strong pressure – then they will be able to work hard and feel good. Without strong pressure they don’t feel any purpose – with strong pressure they can develop any kind of business or career very well.

Thus education is also a very important part of their life, school keeps them on track and makes them stronger.


Business and Leadership

Yang Metal leaders like to create their own management style, whether it works or not. Sometimes they do take advice but they do not like to be seen hand-holding, they have to keep the impression to others that they are independent. They like to feel and be exceptional in the way they manage things.

They like to run business on their own, first because they like to be in control and second, the other people find it quite hard to work with Yang Metal. When they have some idea and decide to do it, they don’t like it to be challenged by others. Like an axe which is in position to cut, there is no going back, they will push the axe to the end until the wood is chopped in two.



Yang Metal with money is like Yang Metal with everything else; they have a tendency to do things the opposite way from what everybody else is doing. This is a double edged sword for them, unless they have the right skills and ideas this kind of attitude can easily go wrong and backfire on them.

It really depends whether they are refined metal, forged through years of education and experience or raw, ignorant metal who likes to play risky games.

The biggest challenge for Yang Metal achieving success in life is having a clear goal. This fact is crucial for them. Therefore, for Yang Metal it is very important to have strong pressure from an early age, lots of education, lots of challenges, lots of experience. This kind of pressure will clarify their goals early on in life and it will make them sharp and to the point.

The key for them is to go into business with the right mind and ability to control any fire, which, if overwhelming for them, can be very damaging. It’s important for Yang Metal people to check their chart and see how much fire they have and whether they can control it – or it controls – and ultimately destroys them.

Thus a Yang Metal without strong pressure in its early ages is very likely to become very lazy, disorientated and therefore unhappy. The problem is that for them in older age it is very difficult to change how things are, it takes much more heat and pressure to reform the old, rusty metal. That is why their early years are crucial for their future success.


Friendship and Relationships

One of the key characteristics of Yang Metal is their loyalty towards friends; they are simply always there for them, especially if that friendship draws roots from their childhood. They do not show much emotion, but they are always ready to jump into action to defend or help, without any hesitation.

Because they are very loyal they naturally demand the same level of loyalty from their friends and partners. If you hurt Yang Metal the cut goes very deep and they don’t forget easily.

Considering their friendly nature people are often surprised how easily Yang Metal makes enemies, as well. This especially shows up in the workplace where Yang Metal can see other people as competition and can easily been thrown in ruthless battles against them in order to win the spoils of any business war. After all, business is dirty and Yang Metal likes nothing better than to cut away at the dirt and clean it up – and believes that it is the best for any job.

Also, as metal is connected to law, Yang Metal represents justice and they hate injustice and will fight to the end to help friends in trouble or generally the downtrodden, weak under dogs in life. They are thus like those old fashioned Robin Hood types – or like the three musketeers – with all-for-one-and-one-for-all motto, always willing to take a stand and to protect villages from the bad guys. If they see injustice and do not react on it they often feel bad after. On other hand, if they react too quickly and harshly it can cause more conflict and their ‘shoot first ask later’ mentality can mean they misjudged the situation and shot the good guy!


Strengths  Weaknesses 
  • Realistic
  • Hard-working
  • Handles pressure
  • Strong
  • Altruistic
  • Loyal
  • Systematic
  • Determined
  • Authoritative
  • Responsible
  • Fair
  • Stubborn
  • Inflexible
  • Judgmental
  • Loner mentality
  • Over-competitive
  • Enemy-makers
  • Impulsive
  • Image driven
  • Proud
  • Rough


Famous Yang Metal people case studies.

Famous people:

Richard M. Nixon, Margaret Thatcher, Tiger Woods, Orlando Bloom, Hugh Grant, Charlie Sheen, Antonio Banderas, Michael Phelps, Adele, Queen Elizabeth II, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jennifer Lopez.

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