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Yang Water



Yang Water is best represented by large areas of water like lakes, oceans or large rivers. Their water is constantly moving, therefore Yang Water people are very dynamic and likes to move from place to place all the time.

Like water – which is able to go around objects and find a path through any crack – Yang Water people are very adaptable and can go around problems much better than other elements. Their nature is diplomatic and they do not use force, they simply find another way to get what they want.

This is the element type that achieves whatever it wants just because it wants to be free. If success does not happen for a Yang Water, it will go nowhere in life – and become a drifter. The entire impetus of Yang Water people is their thirst for freedom – Yang Waters dislike to be controlled or locked – so either they will be very successful indeed, or lose themselves and completely waste their lives.

Intelligence is the main characteristic of Yang water people, as they have outstanding learning ability and can absorb information from different fields in a very easy and natural way.

Yang Water are natural born entrepreneurs with outstanding ability to reproduce ideas and businesses which they notice in their surroundings. One of the best examples is Bill Gates who built a software empire by simply copying what other people have made and repacking it into a new range of products for the mass market.

Yang Waters are so called reflectors, like an ocean reflects and reproduces the sunlight – that’s how they reproduce ideas. Yang Waters look creative but are actually very fast and detailed imitators. Water has no color, it reflects, the sky or trees and whatever is around at the speed of light. Copy and paste sums them up; they see something and just copy and paste it… everywhere and anywhere it works.

Yang water can easily see the big picture therefore they are very good business tacticians. There is always something going on with Yang Water, like a deep ocean which carries new ideas ready to come up to the surface at any time.

They like social life, being with people and trying all kind of things, just for fun. They don’t like to be tied down and are very unpredictable about their next move, which sometimes can even cause a certain amount of anxiety because they are not often able to settle on one thing.

Although their nature is to run free, it’s very good for Yang Water to have boundaries, otherwise the water will spill everywhere and will have no direction. Therefore the best way to control Yang Water and give them boundaries is with Yang Earth, or even Yin Earth, if it’s strong enough to handle the water.

They have a very systematic, quick and sharp thought process. They are able to visualise the problem, see it from different angles, take in count the big picture as well and then come out with a solution. If a person is a well balanced Yang Water their thought processes rarely get distracted by emotions, but in the case of a weak or overly strong Yang Water their emotions can get in their way and cloud their judgements.

If they are not able to come up with satisfying conclusions they will ask lots of questions until they can. If Yang Water is weak they can become too analytical and might not be able to finish the process.

Yang Water has a very good memory, like a deep sea which holds various treasures and creatures deep down, the Yang Water is able to memorize things they find important and pull them out of the deep every time they need them, surprising everybody around. Their memory is selective and things which they don’t want to keep are simply erased, lost forever in the depths of the ocean.

Yang Waters like to impress people with their skills, latest discoveries or any bit of new information. Their self-confidence relies very much on what people think about them, so they need to keep up a smart appearance.

A highly developed Yang Water enjoys its superiority and rarely accepts to play second fiddle. Therefore they will do anything to get to the top. Less developed Yang Water people might suffer from inferiority complexes and as result sometimes they withdraw from society to avoid such situations. In fact, being useless is one of Yang Water’s biggest fears and when the situation arises they like to go into action immediately, just to boost their self-esteem. As long they are in constant movement Yang Water is healthy and keeps developing.

It’s very important to understand that all these qualities come into question when Yang Water is too strong, which means it floods over and all around and it’s directionless. In that case the person might be pessimistic and emotional. To have the positive qualities of Yang Water the water has to be in a state of healthy balance, or instead it will be in opposition to any positive attributes.


If Yang Water’s love their job they will motivate themselves to do the best, and there is no need to look over their shoulders. If one day they don’t see the purpose of their work, they will simply leave, regardless of whether another job is waiting for them or not.

They do not waste time at work, but if they want to entertain themselves with something they will do so, clearly and openly.

With their co-workers they are sociable and diplomatic and they get along quite easy with everybody.

Highly developed Yang Water does not engage in power struggle with their colleagues, they have their focus on something far bigger. The less developed Yang Water tends to be involved in lots of dramas and petty disputes amongst its co-workers.



Yang Waters don’t like to take risks or spend money; it will turn every coin 5 times before they decide to spend it. So, getting money out of Yang Water is very hard, unless they are paying for something they are really into. They are the great copy cats of all the element types and they like to stick to things which have been proven to work. As they are quick to catch anything around about, they need to decide on their career, so they do not become an insignificant jack of all trades. In cooperation with suitable partners, they can go beyond their tendency to be limited and become truly great. In fact, Yang Waters are very good managers and leaders; they take care of every aspect of the business, especially making sure that all the paperwork is clear and the costs are down!

They are fully aware of what their business associates and colleagues are doing and ready any time to ask the right questions to stay in the loop. As leaders they enjoy sharing opinions with their colleagues and subordinates, as they have an open mind and will count them in, but that doesn’t mean they will follow everything people tell them.

In the case of a less developed Yang Water, the opinions of others can make them confused and make them constantly change their minds, due to lack of inner control and direction. A highly developed Yang Water has a good sense for business, marketing, finances, risk management and creating business plans. They usually have good connections but their pride sometimes stops them from asking for help – which can prove to be their ultimate downfall.

On other hand, either too strong or too weak Yang Water might be too calculative, pessimistic and over analytical so their business prospects will be rather low.

A good Yang Water always has a big picture of their business and are able to see the connection between the now and the future. Yang Waters are simply dreamers, but with the ability to bring those dreams to reality, but only if their water is well balanced or is going through a lucky element period.



Yang Waters are conservative spenders and usually it takes them a long time to make the first step. But once they have collected all the necessary information about a certain business, they go fully in, ready and keen to make it huge and reach their ultimate goal; financial freedom.

When it comes to investments, Yang Waters rarely use advice from specialists, although they might ask questions. They like doing their own research and to make up their own minds. One of the best examples is Warren Buffet who made a fortune simply by following his own system of investments. He would rarely take risks and would go only for particular investments in which he fully believed.


Friendship and Relationship

Being the water element, Yang Water always seeks for balance, therefore people often come to them for advice, knowing they will give them right-minded advice. They do not talk much, but when they do they are honest, sometimes even brutally honest.

The water element also likes to keep themselves clean, therefore they will always try to find a way out of a troubling relationship or dodgy business partnership. They simply cannot handle any kind of relationship drama, that’s just not their thing!

Yang Water makes friends easily; connecting with everything around is their natural state and people are attracted to them like thirsty men to water.

In free time they like to attend some big parties, dances… anything that involves people and movement.

But due to their dual and moody nature, which is typical for water people, not so many people are able to get near enough to fully understand Yang Water and only a few get access to their true feelings.


Strengths  Weaknesses 
  • Fast reactors
  • Innovative
  • Courageous
  • Realistic
  • Adaptable
  • Intelligent
  • Adventurous
  • Sociable
  • Big vision
  • Precise planners
  • Easily unfocussed
  • Drifter
  • Selfish
  • Image freaks
  • Easily influenced
  • Over-independent
  • Moody
  • Pessimistic
  • Extremist tendencies
  • Loners


Famous people

Bill Gates, James Earl Jones, Anthony Quinn, Marlon Brando, Farrah Fawcett, Emily Blunt, Alan Sugar, Chris Rock, Colin Powell, Jimmy Page, R. Kelly, Tom Cruise and Kate Middleton.

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