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Yang Wood



Imagine a big tree with its roots going down deep into the earth. This is a Yang Wood personality. Big trees are not easy to move, unless you cut them down, so sometimes it might be quite difficult to deal with them or to manage them. They are single-minded, goal orientated and can be rather stubborn, pushy and aggressive in order to achieve their goals.

Yang Wood people are very straight forward with their actions and talking and you can always rely on them to tell you a bold truth. Although from the outside they might seem tough, from the inside they are very kind and always keen to help people.

They like to make fast decisions and they don’t have patience to dwell on things, so as a drawback, they often pull the wrong call, and when they do that, they are not keen to change their mind; they go further and make even more damage.

They are subjective thinkers and it’s hard for them to make distance from a situation. They rarely take advice from others, they just want confirmation of their own ideas!

Everything must be real for them; they like reality as they cannot imagine things out of thin air to be able to be creative and achieve. Otherwise they can be successful in anything they do.

Yang Woods are great teachers who are known for their ability to point out other people’s mistakes but sometimes can go too far and people might feel criticised.

Their self-confidence is tightly related to having money and being sexually attractive. They like to dress well and look good to attract the opposite sex.

Generally Yang Wood’s confidence is fragile due to their tree mentality which gets very disturbed when there is a strong wind – which might even pull them out in the case of stormy weather. Thus Yang Woods are confident so long as their conditions are good.

Yang Wood people might have anger issues which is very much related to their low self-confidence because often they can feel helpless and anger is their defence system. In these situations the key for them is to calm down and wait for the storm to pass.


Career is very important to Yang Wood, as this is where they draw their self-confidence from. They are very fond of having good job positions; popular ones with good status and money. If not they might start losing motivation and distance themselves from the job.

Generally they are very keen to see things through, like a tree which wants to reach the top. Yang Woods put their roots very wide and after some time people will notice how much they have been taking over, almost unnoticeably, day by day.

What this element produces remains largely invisible, just as in photosynthesis, where the tree receives the carbon dioxide and generates oxygen – vital to our lives – but we can’t see anything. Yang Wood needs a lot of conditions to grow and develop as trees need water, sunshine, soil with minerals and… time and patience until they come to bear fruit.

When trees become too big they might get cut down to make room for new ones, therefore Yang Wood people should never be the top person in a company or organisation because it is highly possible that after they reach a certain level of success, they will have to be removed. For Yang Wood it is better to take subsidiary roles or to be the number two.

They can think big and can develop large plans but once they come down to details they might get rather confused, and they don’t have the mental power to figure out all the related aspects so they need help from other people to bring a plan across. Thus they are very good in working out existing ideas and developing them further but not very keen on producing new ones, because it involves too many details for them to handle.

Once they develop their own systems they are not very keen to let others suggest changes – as with every tree – Yang Woods do not like modifications and transformations.

As leaders they can be hard and soft. If business is good they can be very rewarding but if not then they can become tight-fist and calculating.

Once Yang Woods have settled down with their career they like to put their roots down and not move anywhere else.

The best careers for this elemental type are where starting conditions are good and everything is already prepared for them to take over. They cannot begin things from scratch all by themselves, unlike Yin Woods. Therefore they shouldn’t be leaders – or if they are, they need to have a boss to consult and follow orders from.

Like any big tree Yang Woods are very difficult to be moved and cannot travel easily.  They prefer to be alone, not so much in company, and require their own space and territory; they don’t need support from other trees. Sun and soil provide them with what they need to grow. Yang Metal is their greatest threat and they fear it like the axe it can be.


In business they like to stick to the known and fast solutions. They do not have patience for slow, steady growth, therefore they often take risks to speed things up. They are rarely the ones who will come out with some new idea or approach.

Their main strength is in reworking the existing and breathing new life into it. For Yang Woods to reach full potential they should team up with people who are good with innovations and detailed jobs.

Their sales approach is rather pushy, as they do not have the time, patience or skills to work on the client for days and weeks, so they will do everything to get the deal done… now.


Their financial management capabilities are quite weak; they like to gamble to gain immediate high profit instead of making smart investments for the future. Because of this they are quite good with the stock markets, and are able to gain a quick profit in a short time, but with the very high risks involved, they can end up losing big too.

They do not take advice on financial investments that easily and they rarely do enough research either. To balance this, Yang Wood people have to learn how to cooperate with other people – and let them lead sometimes!

Friendship and Relationships

Deep inside Yang Wood people are kind and supportive, but because of their tree nature, which likes to grow alone and big, sometimes they might come across as selfish. Often they meet people just so they can use them later.

Yang Woods are always in constant competition with people around them, like a tree which is competing with other trees so it’s not left in the shadows.

They do not show their jealousy but they do prefer to spend more time with people who are weaker than themselves. But in general they don’t let this personality come out often and they genuinely try to be kind and helpful towards people. They usually don’t have ill-intentions; this behaviour is just due to their highly competitive nature.

Yang Wood likes entertainment and a busy social life, especially with those from higher classes. However, they do have a tendency to hang out with morally-dubious people, and if they are not careful – as trees need soil, which is dirt – and so, low life persons are attractive to them. They easily fall into sexual misconduct and scandals, especially male Yang Woods; affairs are never far away unless they get their fingers (leaves) burnt too much, then they can change – slowly of course – their behaviour.

They tend to hide their own feelings; therefore it’s hard for them to find a true friend. Even in a love relationship they will not be the one to easily show their feelings and often their partners are knowing much less about them then their friends.


Strengths  Weaknesses 
  • Generous
  • Independent
  • Protective
  • Determined
  • Fast thinking
  • Practical
  • Strong
  • Forthright
  • Kind
  • Loyal
  • Selfish
  • Stubborn
  • Subjective
  • Old fashioned
  • Rigid
  • Aggressive
  • Vain
  • Blunt
  • Superficial
  • Critical


Famous people

Ivan Lendl, Susan Boyle, Elvis Presley, George Harrison, Francis Ford Coppola, Charles Barkley, Hakeem Olajuwon, Ralph Lauren, Britney Spears, Fidel Castro, Keira Knightley, Kristen Stewart and James Dean.

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