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Yin Earth in the nature is represented by any kind of soil, a thin layer of earth or sand. Its main purpose is to nurture and help things grow, therefore they are very good in guiding and developing people. They are usually very resourceful and productive too, just like any field or orchard or garden producing fruits and vegetables for our consumption.

So, Yin Earth is the element that gives, as it is the element of making everything grow and develop – like soil it’s just there for the trees and plants – and its only purpose is to nurture. Hence its only purpose of life is to give.

They are usually talented for many things and often many of those talents they don’t even show to people. They can adapt easily to different situations but like soil needs constant attention to keep it fertile, Yin Earth people need other people to work on them before they are able to be productive. In this way, they are very tolerant and can handle lots of work, like earth which is constantly used, re-worked and exploited.

In another way they represent mother earth, they are very resourceful and always know how to solve the problem, fix and find things.
Very often they are not aware of their resourcefulness so they might act in a bit of a reserved way. In fact, they react on demand, like soil reacts to human demands. Highly developed Yin Earth types do not have this problem and they know very well how to cash in on their resourcefulness.

With a mind-set towards constantly helping other people and making sure that everybody around is content, in a way, they are really like a mother figure, very protective, nurturing and always looking after people. When things go badly wrong, you can always count on them to jump in and solve the problem, and even long after the problem is solved, to serve the majority of the people, Yin Earth will continue working out the problem making sure it’s gone… forever.

Yin Earth people like to develop their mental capabilities, through philosophy, art, science, religion… and anything that captivates their minds. They like complex problems where they can use their intellect to solve them. They usually come with fresh perspectives which solves problems easily and also have the ability to keep things simple in their minds, therefore their solutions are often simple.

They have a great memory and can even remember details from the past easily. This can be very beneficial for work, but when it comes to people their strong memory sometimes stops them from forgiving easily. They also tend to worry too much, due to their clear memories from the past which makes them worry for the future.

Yin Earth people use their instincts a lot and highly developed ones are able to read people’s character in a glance. They do not calculate the bottom line, they simply use their instinct to decide whether something is good or not, regardless the money involved. They will never sacrifice their integrity for gaining profit. Therefore when they make a strategy for something, their personal opinions are deeply involved.

Yin Earth people like luxury and a comfortable lifestyle, a life of a gentleman or a lady where all their basic needs are provided for and served for them. They are not the ones who will accept low standards, hardship, sacrifices and just a survival attitude. Without these conditions they might not feel good about themselves.

Although they like a comfortable lifestyle, Yin Earth are not the type who will sit down and do nothing. Like soil, they have to feel they are useful all the time, otherwise they might feel low. Good soil can never be exhausted therefore their potential is endless. So, they are always ready to give but if their skills are not recognized and used, they may easily fall into depression.

Spirituality is quite important factor for Yin Earth so they should devote enough time to explore these fields, so that they become more quality and are able to give more easily and thus fulfill their true potential.

On the other hand, they are often sick, but this is in a way their natural state because soil also contains lots of bacterium which are actually good nutrition for plants; they also react very well to herbal treatments so their health problems are mostly easy to solve.


At work Yin Earth are very productive, can easily solve problems and can handle huge amounts of work.

The best job for this type is any activity which develops others. Yin Earths must see things grow and develop… and need people to unfold their potential, become successful, and have a positive result. Charity worker, teacher, coach, trainer… are all good occupations for Yin Earths.

Yin Earths like to give, but also needs support when in action and are then in need of water, nutrition, sun, and minerals.

Like soil which is able to absorb water and nutrients to improve its self, Yin Earth people are very adaptable and can easily learn and gain new skills to improve their work.

Yin Earth people are problem solvers and should be part of any team. Even though sometimes others can have problems with the way they work, they will always come up with solutions, regardless of the opposition they face.

It’s essential for Yin Earth people to work in a profession which is aligned with its beliefs. If not, you will be upset most of the time and will perform poorly. They should only do jobs which they truly love and care about. Therefore, often the best solution is for them to run their own business.

Because they have lots of hidden talents they would be wise to choose one or two of them and spend more time brushing them up so they can become real experts in those fields.



Yin Earth people like to have full control of the company and situation. This includes all the paperwork as well, leaving nothing to chance.

In fact, most people enjoy working under Yin Earths, because they take care and nurture them with full heart, as long they are not slacking and lazy.

However, they might sometimes have a problem how to delegate the right people for the right job and how to give clear instructions, as they often lack important details. This is something they should learn along the way. Another thing they should learn is how to not play power politics at work, which often can cause lots of damage and divide people, especially if done poorly and too obviously.

Although they are rather nice towards people, they often forget to give praise when it’s due, which might create a rather negative picture about them and lower people’s self-esteem. Sometimes they can be also bit too authoritative and controlling.

Many Yin Earths are aware of their tendency to use feelings rather than reality to manage business, so they often prefer to team up with a partner in their business endeavors; that way they will feel safer. However, they might not be able to share their power as well, because they like to keep their business close to their heart.



Yin Earth often try to follow their dreams in business by trying to do what they really like and believe but often their reality shows that this might not be so good, due to the market being weak or just having the wrong timing. They should always combine their ideas with reality and see how much of it is actually possible.

Like any earth, they have the ability to accumulate wealth, slowly, year by year, making sure that in old age they are secure, just like good soil will slowly cultivate plants and flowers and help them grow and mature. In the case of weak Yin Earth this is mostly not the case and they realize it too late!



Financial planning is one field where average and weak Yin Earths might have problems. They are usually not very clear where to invest their money so they often need help from others. But in the case of a highly developed and balanced Yin Earth, they are much more clear and they know how to make their money work for them. They will start planning and investing from a young age, turning it into a real fortune by the time they are grown up.

Yin Earth people do not like get-rich-quick schemes. They are like soil which likes to plant a tree and nurture it, day by day, making sure that the future is secure.

Some less developed Yin Earths might lack patience for slow growth and might try to push things upwards faster and harder, but it will rarely work.


Relationship and Friendship

Yin Earth people rarely make enemies. Even if you have a disagreement with them, they will win you back with their endless and genuine support.

Due to their balanced nature they tend to get on rather well with other people. They can have a good balance of enjoyment and hard work which suits most people as they like getting people together where they can discuss things and have fun.

In relationships you like to make clear boundaries what is yours; not much sharing is allowed!




  • Supportive
  • Capable
  • Flexible
  • Productive
  • Creative
  • Considerate
  • Maternal
  • Innovative
  • Intuitive
  • Patient
  • Too soft
  • Sacrificial
  • Possessive
  • Controlling
  • Idealistic
  • Dependent
  • Hedonistic
  • Stubborn
  • Spoilt
  • Pessimistic


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