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To figure out a Yin Fire personality you have to imagine a fire, in any kind of form, from a candle, to a torch or a forest fire; it all depends on how strong it is. When they get extinguished, they have the ability to re-ignite.

They are very gentle people, soft spoken and elegant. Usually they are not very loud. Most Yin Fires are refined and polite but once you get to know them you will realize they can also be rather lively and enjoy partying.

They are very considerate of others and will always take care of people around them.

They are essentially thinkers and they like exploring new things either through books or simply by traveling and experiencing it. They enjoy exercising their mind with intellectual questions and they spend a lot of time figuring them out.

The candle fire can show us the way – that’s how Yin Fire people like to show the way with their knowledge.

Yin Fire people are very emotionally fragile, like a candle which gets blown away by every wind. At one point they can be calm and peaceful but then suddenly they can get very angry about something. Their moods and behaviour is very fragile.

Because of this instability they are prone to see other people as possible threats. Therefore it is quite hard to establish a good relationship with Yin Fire, and they need to build quite lot of trust to be able to open and accept other people.

Yin Fire people are very devoted and loyal towards people who are close to them. They are so occupied with the desires and wishes of people around them that they often forget their own needs. But every fire has its limits so this often results as a big problem for them.

No matter how important or unimportant something is, they will always make sure that everything is done thoroughly and covering all the details. Like a fire, when it burns, it swallows every little piece until it’s all dust.

They may be a bit slow to do things and sometimes they do things in a bit of an old-fashioned way, but they do not leave a job undone and they will always go to the heart of any problem.

Yin Fire people are very much fact oriented, they do not take things in if they are not well proven. They enjoy learning and spending time with people who are learning the same thing and sharing opinions with them. Therefore sometimes they might lack information which might come outside of those closed circles.

They make decisions rather fast, but often because of this they make wrong choices but they do not spend much time examining it so they just move forward.

It’s in Yin Fire’s nature to burn for other people, like a candle, so they often put other people’s needs ahead of their own. They like to nurture and illuminate other people but often this comes with a price so Yin Fire should definitely know how far they can go with such efforts. It can also happen that people do not recognize their efforts or they are simply using them and this can influence Yin Fire’s self-confidence a lot.

When Yin Fire is good at doing something, they will do it with pleasure and confidence. The moment they try something in which they are not good at, their confidence goes rapidly down and they will try to remove themselves from such a situation. Fragile creatures, these Yin Fires are.

This is especially the case with weak Yin Fire; so they often miss opportunities in life because they are afraid to face themselves with failure. The key for them is to understand the basics of the learning process and making mistakes – because every time we do something new, we will automatically make a mistake. We just need to learn – from our mistakes – and then everything will be fine.

Yin Fire people are very much – much more than other elements – influenced by their experiences in their childhood. If they suffered trauma in their childhood or they had difficulties with some member of their family, this will leave a big scar and influence greatly on their development. It’s something they can’t easily shake off. Their relationship with their mother and what kind of opinion she has is especially important for them, this is because the mother represents wood to Yin Fire, and thus it’s their source of energy.


At work Yin Fire people are extremely helpful and resourceful. You can ask them anything and they will be very willing to jump in. But on other hand, they do not like to ask for help, and this is their great weakness.

At work they keep peace with others and they are rarely rebellious. They often might look dull and a bit spiritless, but this is only because their flame is on a minimum – or even off. Once they switch their flame on and turn into a burning torch everybody gets surprised about this second personality which can be relentless and practically unstoppable. Often Yin Fire people have more talents and intelligence than what they show to people and when that comes out from time to time, it takes everybody by surprise.

Yin Fire people love to destroy and then rebuild everything from scratch. They can be incredibly useful people – perfect for restarting things from the beginning – or solving any problem with great speed, as they automatically clear everything out of the way to create something new. If they can’t be their positive selves, they’ll destroy everything in their path – like a forest fire. Yin Fire people are very brave and can be reckless when pursuing their goals.

The best career for these types is one where they can be creative and have lots of communication. They can also be flexible and work in many different areas. Yin Fires can cover everything from being a leader to a problem solver; they have a large capacity to do many things, and also achieve a lot outside their work world.


Business and Leadership

Yin Fire people take leadership seriously and they like to follow strict rules and principles to avoid some loose situations where they don’t know what to do. The more rules, the more easier it is for them, regardless of how strict they are.

Because they are often emotionally unstable, sometimes they can become too soft towards employees and it could happen that they try to avoid those rules which might get them into trouble.

For Yin Fire in business, people are always first, regardless whether it’s the customers or employees. They love to communicate with people, exchange ideas, and through that process improve services or products. Understanding what the customer wants is the most important thing for them.

Due to their great communication skills, Yin Fire are great debaters and can find a way out from any situation just through talking. But if they find somebody who is equally good it might be quite a battle, leaving both sides unsatisfied.

It’s very important for Yin Fire people to react in the right moment to business opportunities and definitely try to avoid going in too early. This is mainly because Yin Fire has this tendency to go into things in full blaze, burning everything on the way, and if it comes out as a wrong call, the damage can be huge.



When it comes to finances, Yin Fire people prefer to be led by the hand and avoid all deep and complicated financial areas. They do not handle their money with intuition; they like getting help from people who will show them real facts for how to handle money, and if they are convincing enough Yin Fire people will start following their advice.

Therefore they often trust people who have good skills and knowledge about money but they often judge others character’s wrongly, so it could result that the financial adviser simply takes the Yin Fire person for a ride, if they are not careful enough.


Relationship and Friendship

Yin Fire takes lots of care about those around them but they also like to be pampered and taken care of as well, especially from their partners, and sometimes this need for attention can go bit over the top. If they do not get this attention from their partners they might swing into a bad mood. They also have tendency to complain to others if they don’t get enough attention, and this behavior can annoy their friends

Yin Fire also has an unusual affinity towards older people. They like spending time and learning from them, they simply respect their authority. But on other hand they might have very little patience towards younger people and might be annoyed by them when they ask for help. A weird lot, these Yin Fires!

Because of the fragile nature of candlelight, Yin Fire people have a difficult time establishing deep relationships and friendships. They are simply too protective and spend too much time wondering why such and such person would like them and what are their true motives behind. It takes time for them to truly open and accept.

They should learn to trust people more and accept friendships more easily, otherwise they might miss a lot of possibilities and chances – because, in truth, everyone likes nice warm fires to gather around and enjoy with.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Kind
  • Considerate
  • Gentle
  • Cultured
  • Thoughtful
  • Intelligent
  • Loving
  • Sensitive
  • Charismatic
  • Quick decision-making
  • Narrow-minded
  • Un-trusting
  • Volatile
  • Fickle-minded
  • Touchy
  • Unstable
  • Critical
  • Complaining
  • Gullible
  • Needy


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