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Yin Water



Yin Water is represented in nature by rain, clouds, mist and any kind of small amounts of water. Its main quality is the ability to change shape and its characteristics. As water nourishes soil and plants, that’s how Yin Water nurtures and inspires other people.

This elemental type recycles itself – creeks flow into streams, streams into rivers, lakes and oceans… then there is evaporation into clouds and then rain… Yin Waters are always moving; they never fix themselves in one place. They are like a chameleon – camouflaged shape shifters and they can be anything; they love change…and love to be changed – love to be in different forms…

They are usually very enthusiastic, idealistic, creative and have good people skills. They like new ideas, especially ones which can help humanity on a larger scale.

From the outside they might look soft and naive but from the inside they are usually solid and wise. They have a very fine touch and view on things so they are able to recognise potential in people and bring it out of them.

Yin Water people are essentially thinkers and they like to discuss certain intellectual issues and are able to come out with meaningful conclusions from everything they observe.

They are complex people who are often difficult to understand and they always keep part of themselves locked up, although they can be quite genuinely good with people. They are gentle and don’t like to hurt other people’s feelings. They do not like having conflicts with people, they tend to take them in too much and this can cause serious health complications for them.

Due to their watery characteristics, which means constant change – from being clouds to rain and then being absorbed by the earth, plants, and then going back to being clouds through the evaporation process – Yin Water are very unpredictable and hard to pin down. They are also rather moody, like a sudden rain shower! Therefore people have difficulties sometimes to deal with and count on them.

They enjoy the freedom of thinking, but their thoughts are rather unorganized and erratic. They are usually good writers and storytellers, due to their imaginative way of thinking. In fact, they love to mull over things – over and over – and train their brain power. If Yin Water is overwhelming in their chart, they tend to overthink to the point where they just go into circles and tis can cause worry and anxiety. If Yin Water is balanced their thought processes can be extremely useful and motivating for other people, but they have to learn how to discipline themselves to make it work.

Yin Water people are all about ideas and enthusiasm. They are able to come with out-of-the-box ideas and inspire people. But if their main element is weak or surrounded with non-supporting elements, they can get obsessed about certain ideas and become rather eccentric, which people around them might rather want to avoid than listen to and follow.

Consistency is one of the main problems of Yin Water. They can be good at something, but because of their changing nature, they have interests in too many things and have difficulties to choose one path. Therefore some Yin Waters might be seen as directionless. The real truth is that they have this thing about ‘new’ things which they are always craving for. Yin Water needs to feel that they are living a life according to new ideas, not old, therefore it’s very easy for them to drop what they are doing now and go for something new. They see meaning in everything and are on a continuous quest to reach inner peace.

You can never expect from Yin Water to be fully devoted to only one thing. On the good side this enables them to see things from different angles. On the bad side they will lack consistency and patience. This can cause quite a lot of problems with other people so for Yin Water people is quite essential to learn how to focus and finish things through – how to develop goals and achieve them, or else they risk becoming a jack of all trades and master of none or even worse drifters through life with a superficial grasp of man things but no reality.

However, they have a certain power to win over people through conversations, and this gives them a lot of confidence. They love debates; it makes them thrive, but this ability depends very much on how well developed that Yin Water is and how much education they have. A weak, uneducated Yin Water will have weak communication skills.

They do not particularly like to lead people and they prefer to keep a low profile, but if their inner beliefs are challenged, they can come out as a fiery warrior. They often have courage to do something rather dangerous and adventurous, therefore many Yin Waters enjoy extreme sports like skydiving, rock climbing and similar activities. Their courage comes out only if they are challenged or threatened, as in normal life situations they are rather shy and reserved.

Finally, from time to time they like nothing more than to dip into their own inner world. For them this is a way of recharging and recovering from the rigours of life, but if they do it for too long it can easily turn into depression and anxiety.


Their unpredictable, inconsistent and moody nature leaves people often wondering what is going on with them. This is the biggest hurdle for a Yin Water person.

They can contribute very much with their ideas and unique view on problems but their inconsistency at work can be rather frustrating for their working colleagues. They often get into conflicts with co-workers because they are often suspicious about other people’s motives and they take things very personally.

On the other hand, they are good for producing immediate results, multitasking and are very adaptable.

As for their career, they are the type that can do any kind of undercover work – spy, detective or police jobs…but they can also do scientific research, be a geographer, an oceanographer, an explorer, or treasure hunter… as they love challenges and adventures. Thus they might become rather unhappy if they have to deal with boring, 9 to 5 desk jobs



A highly developed Yin Water will inspire people, offering them a new vision. They will surround themselves with a team of doers because they themselves are not very good at details. They spend lots of time communicating with people and they spread the responsibility amongst the team.

A balanced Yin Water is able to provide good guidelines to subordinates while a less developed Yin Water often frustrates everybody around them with their inconsistency and also they have tendency to mix their personal life with their working life which might cause additional troubles.

They expect full commitment from their subordinates and if they work 80 hours a week they expect from them the same.

When they are under stress, they have tendency to focus on too many details, losing their grip on reality and the bigger picture.

As a leader, for them the most important thing is learn to focus on the most important goals and also – most importantly -what you start you have to finish.



Yin water are not able to start with their own business until they learn to settle on ONE thing – which might be a rather tough decision for them!

They are also generally not very talented for business which requires consistency and an organised structure of logical thoughts and processes, not just wild random ideas.

On the other hand, the highly evolved Yin water who managed to overcome all these weaknesses will have the ability to run their own business without any problem, whereas the lesser developed Yin Water will have to surround themselves with a good team to handle many aspects of business to make it work.

Yin Water likes to be free, therefore they would always seek to start a business which would help them achieve this.

They can do well in any business where it involves a lot of communication with people, as they have an ability to comfort people and make them happy. Also, they enjoy the process of planning and of making ideas, even more than the achievement of the plan or idea itself, therefore they might get quite bored if the process of achieving those plans and ideas take too long to manifest. They do not function at all in areas of administration, numbers and pure logic. Their work has to be with something working with people directly.



Yin Water are comfortable with short term investments and are able to take a risk, especially the strong Yin Water which thrives on risks.

As they make money by selling their ideas and skills, and as they are generally full of ideas, they can literally make fortune from them.

Weak Yin Waters will lack the courage to make brave decisions, therefore they might rely on other people to make decisions for them; but the stronger and more balanced Yin Waters have more control and structure over their ideas and are able to cash in on them much more easily.


Relationships with people

Yin Water people tend to make friendships with all sorts of people, disregarding of their financial or educational status. They are genuinely interested in people and they connect with them easily. Once they find a group of people which suits them, they will happily come back together with them on a regular basis. For them that’s the place where they can relax, chill out and enjoy good conversation.

In their ideal world, Yin Water could easily settle on a far distant island surrounded with a group of best friends where they can enjoy the company and develop things in their own way.

They enjoy debating and often amongst their friends they have an ‘opponent’ who they like to challenge on a regular basis to provoke new debates and ideas. These debates can get rather heated and Yin Water should learn when to stop!

A strong Yin Water can influence their friends quite a lot and make them do what they want. These actions are mostly unselfish. On the other hand, a weak Yin Water can be manipulative and can cause troubles to their self and others.


Yin Water at glance

  • Represents in nature: Rain, clouds, mist
  • Main characteristics: Adaptable, quick to change, unpredictable
  • Main skills: Debating, communication, out-of-box thinking
  • Main threats: Lack of consistency and focus, shy, moody, too many ideas and goals.
  • Best jobs: Teacher, scientist, explorer
  • Key asset: Ideas


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