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The perfect chart of a football player

Posted on July 16, 2014, Posted in Sport

The World Cup reached its climax, with Germany taking the trophy, well deserved, as most people, experts and non-experts, agree. It was their team spirit which won over individual geniuses such as Messi and Neymar.


As promised, we have put together a very interesting analysis of all the players we checked during this tournament, 14 altogether.


After a few days into the World Cup and several players’ analysis we realized certain patterns, which we decided to put together in one chart to see what can we learn from it.


We also noticed that this particular pattern was very much present  with attacking and attacking-midfield players, so we decided to exclude from this analysis Guillermo Ochoa, the Mexican goalkeeper.


We used the charts of the following 13 players:


Robin van Persie
Mario Balotelli
Lionel Messi
Thomas Mueller
Mario Madzukic
Luis Suarez
Karim Benzema
Miroslav Klose
Cristiano Ronaldo
Arjen Robben
Andrea Pirlo
James Rodriguez


We merged the data of all of the 10 profiles of each player and generated one single chart, with the following result:

football players bazi chart


The blue bars represent strong profiles, red weak ones, while grey bars represent average strength. By observing the chart we can gain more understanding of what it takes to be a great football player. Of course, this is not all, individual luck which can vary with every year, plays an important part as well and will influence the intensity of these characteristics.


The profile which dominates our merged chart is the The Performer. The Performer profile, as the name already says, is all about expressing ones skills and talents, mostly publicly.  The Artist profile in comparison is more about introverted expression, as in painting or writing while The Performer profile thrives with publicity and loves attention and to be able to show its abilities.


So, it comes as no surprise that all great attacking football players are born with a dominating The Performer profile. This gives them the ability to perform on the pitch. When you are out there right in front, this is the most needed trait.


We also checked a few football players who are playing in defending positions, and noticed that their pattern is something very different. Their strongest profiles are The Diplomat and The Warrior, which are more related to defending qualities. Mostly people who join the army or police have one of these two profiles in dominance.


So we have creators in front, and protectors at the back of the pitch. Nature really does know how to put everything in order :-)


To come back to our chart, the second strongest profile is The Self. This is quite normal for a strong creative person, The Self profile must be strong to support the creativity. It also gives strong confidence.


Now at the  lower end we have four profiles which are around the ‘very weak’ mark. They are The Pioneer, The Warrior, The Analyzer and The Philosopher.


The Pioneer and The Warrior profiles have certain characteristics in common. One is impatience, a desire to gain something quickly. This is a behavior which doesn’t work well for attacking football players. For them the game is to wait for the right moment and to strike when the opponent is not fully prepared. Many good attacking players don’t do much during the game. just one genius move can change the game, and for that one single move they need to work patiently, wait for the opportunity to arise. Somebody who has one of these two profiles in dominance and not under control can get very frustrated on the pitch.


The Analyzer and The Philosopher profiles are mostly about education and information, and these two profiles are proven to be the least suited for attacking players. The main problem with these two profiles is, that if they are strong, the creative profiles like The Performer and The Artist would be automatically weakened.  The Analyzer is the weakest profile in our merged chart, and that is the exact profile which threatens The Performer profile most. These are the mechanics of  the chart, one strong profile automatically makes another profile weak. That is why it is the best for both of  these ‘educational’ profiles is to remain low and avoid disturbing the player’s creativity.


This is also a reason why so many football players do not fancy school much and many of them leave school very early or they just make do with basic schooling. These profiles are also related to the person’s mother. We often see that mothers are not happy with their son’s choice to go for a football career as according to the 5 element charts, mothers are always in charge of their kids’ education, and if The Analyzer and The Philosopher are low, it is very likely that the kids will not be interested in school If they have a strong The Performer profile, they will be drawn towards sports or any kind of creative activity.


As we can see, there are definitely certain rules and conditions which have to be met for somebody to become a great football player. It’s same for every other profession, certain combinations are simply more favorable than others.


There are of course exceptions, as for example James Rodriguez. He does not have The Performer profile at all in his chart, he is more of  The Artist type, more introvert and a behind the scenes kind of guy, but what happened is that this year is a Yang Wood / Horse year which brings The Performer profile to him. As a result he scored 6 goals and earned the World Cup Golden Booth reward. As we can see, it’s not only about our birth chart, timing is also very, very important.


We shall be covering more and different professions in the future and we shall also soon publish a completely redesigned Life Analysis tool with the main focus on the 10 profiles, so please, stay tuned. We hope you enjoyed this World Cup series, as we did. If there are any questions please drop us a line here.

World Cup player of the day – Andrea Pirlo

Posted on June 26, 2014, Posted in Sport

Andrea_Pirlo_JuventusLast night we witnessed the exit of another favourite for winning the World Cup, Italy. This also might have been the last international game for one of the greatest playmakers in the world, Andrea Pirlo. Here is the chart: http://www.turtleluck.com/life-analysis/?c=b9cd6e0de081e91db1e6634145a5bd70962488ca


His chart, when it comes to a football career, is a work of art, if we are allowed to call something that, which was created pretty much accidentally :-)


Another Yang Fire, like quite a few players we checked before, he was born in the Snake month, which is beginning of the summer, supported with additional fire left and right and a superb Creativity profile on top of everything. There is not even a drop of water in his chart, and he doesn’t need it because his chart is fully surrendering to the fire flow, which is exceptionally good in his case.


He even has significant amount of Metal to support his wealth and finalise the creative cycle of his chart. His Wood element is low, but there is not much need for it, his Fire is already super strong.


This is one of the most creative charts we have seen amongst football players. It’s not surprising that he is often praised to be one of the best football playmakers in the world.


Really there is not much more to say, than this man was born to be what he is, a creative genius.



World Cup player of the day – Arjen Robben

Posted on June 24, 2014, Posted in Sport

arjen-robbenConsidering that we are now in the 3rd round of the games we shall break away from the usual player of the day routine and present all those players who didn’t make it yet to this site yet deserve to be mentioned due to their overall performance in the last few years.


Arjen Robben is one of the most impressive players on this year’s World Cup, but somehow he was missing the title for the player of the day always for an inch, although his performance was superb. Here we would like to correct this.


When you see Robben moving on the field you have only one word which comes to mind, “power”. It was interesting to investigate what kind of chart produces this quality.


He is a Yang Fire born in the month of Ox, which is end of the Winter season, when Yang Fire is at it’s weakest. Luckily there is some wood around to break the earth and provide strength. This is his chart: http://www.turtleluck.com/life-analysis/?c=54141f9cfe3c543492c512858b8a9acd4560308f


Water is the most dominant element in his chart, which in his case represents power and authority. Yang Water particularly makes Yang Fire react very fast, while Yin Water gives him commanding ability.


His creativity profile is very solid, like with most other players we checked. His Metal element is very low but in his case there is no need for it.


He is often accused for being selfish. This might be caused by the fact that there is no other fire element beside his Yang Fire in his chart. Due to this he might have a problem connecting with other people and preferring a solo game, which is actually not a good thing for a Yang Fire person since they really need a team of people to make them function, otherwise they become useless. The good news is that in the last match he actually assisted in scoring a goal. We are wondering whether this has anything to do with the Horse year and Horse month, bringing him improved social skills. :-)


Yang Fires are known for their ability to overcome obstacles in their chart, just by will power. There is no element which does this as well as them. There is one more quality which is sticking out and that is discipline, brought to him by his solid Director profile.


So, although his creativity is not on the level of Messi’s or Ronaldo’s, he makes it up with authority, discipline and power.

World Cup player of the day – Miroslav Klose

Posted on June 22, 2014, Posted in Sport

miroslav-kloseLast night we had a great game, between Germany and Ghana, very open, clearly both teams going for victory, but in the end both had to be satisfied with 2:2.


Miroslav Klose is chosen a player of the day for two reasons. First he saved Germany from losing this match, and second he scored his 15th goal in a World Cup tournaments altogether, equalizing himself with the great Ronaldo from Brazil.


This is his chart: http://www.turtleluck.com/life-analysis/?c=03d62033d4de3062f42a7d57c328263a8ecaa4f9


Miroslav Klose is a Yang Water person, born in a Horse month, which represents the middle of the Summer season. He has one of those special charts where the classic rule of balancing elements does not really work. He is a so called feeble Yang Water, he does not have any element in the chart which would support Yang Water, neither Metal nor additional Water, beside his main element.


In his case, the Yang Water element has to surrender completely to the Fire and Earth element and remain that way. This means that generally periods with Water and Metal elements are not very good for him. We could have seen that yesterday. We are currently in a Horse year and Horse month, this is an excellent period for Miroslav Klose and it’s a great pity and a waste that his coach is not aware of this, or probably not aware enough, using him only when he has no other choice. It was a big question whether Klose would have a chance to score his 15th goal, due to younger competition, but by end of the game Löw gave him a chance and he paid him back literally two minutes later, by scoring a goal. You could see clearly, if he had more time he would score more, he is still hungry, and this is a sign when good destiny kicks in.


Klose’s zodiac animals are double Horse and Tiger. They are very dynamic, giving him incredible power on the field.


The Warrior Profile is very strong in his chart, it gives him a killer instinct to score a goal, but he lacks the creativity profile which most of the players we checked before had. However he makes up for that with hard work.

Why Luka Modric suddenly becomes so valuable?

Posted on March 22, 2013, Posted in News, Sport

Image: Marca.com

An article in Marca elaborates on how come Luka Modric suddenly is becoming a hero of Real Madrid while just few weeks ago he was labeled as last year’s biggest flop amongst football transfers?


Luka Modric is a Yin Metal person without any fire element in his birth chart. Normally a Yin Metal with this kind of element condition, especially when lacking Yang Fire, wouldn’t be able to shine, wouldn’t have any leadership skills and would struggle with any career altogether.

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