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World Cup player of the day – Arjen Robben

Posted on June 24, 2014, Posted in Sport

arjen-robbenConsidering that we are now in the 3rd round of the games we shall break away from the usual player of the day routine and present all those players who didn’t make it yet to this site yet deserve to be mentioned due to their overall performance in the last few years.


Arjen Robben is one of the most impressive players on this year’s World Cup, but somehow he was missing the title for the player of the day always for an inch, although his performance was superb. Here we would like to correct this.


When you see Robben moving on the field you have only one word which comes to mind, “power”. It was interesting to investigate what kind of chart produces this quality.


He is a Yang Fire born in the month of Ox, which is end of the Winter season, when Yang Fire is at it’s weakest. Luckily there is some wood around to break the earth and provide strength. This is his chart: http://www.turtleluck.com/life-analysis/?c=54141f9cfe3c543492c512858b8a9acd4560308f


Water is the most dominant element in his chart, which in his case represents power and authority. Yang Water particularly makes Yang Fire react very fast, while Yin Water gives him commanding ability.


His creativity profile is very solid, like with most other players we checked. His Metal element is very low but in his case there is no need for it.


He is often accused for being selfish. This might be caused by the fact that there is no other fire element beside his Yang Fire in his chart. Due to this he might have a problem connecting with other people and preferring a solo game, which is actually not a good thing for a Yang Fire person since they really need a team of people to make them function, otherwise they become useless. The good news is that in the last match he actually assisted in scoring a goal. We are wondering whether this has anything to do with the Horse year and Horse month, bringing him improved social skills. :-)


Yang Fires are known for their ability to overcome obstacles in their chart, just by will power. There is no element which does this as well as them. There is one more quality which is sticking out and that is discipline, brought to him by his solid Director profile.


So, although his creativity is not on the level of Messi’s or Ronaldo’s, he makes it up with authority, discipline and power.

World Cup player of the day – Robin van Persie

Posted on June 14, 2014, Posted in Sport

Robin Van PersieOn a second day of the World Cup we have our second hero, Robin van Persie from Netherlands. It was a tough choice because Arjen Robben had a great game as well yesterday, hopefully he will have a chance to win player of the day during this tournament as well.


Here is van Persie’s chart: http://www.turtleluck.com/life-analysis/?c=56a3970c5162678edc9ede829fac2becca52f8d5


On Friday Netherlands was seeking revenge for a defeat in a World Cup final, 4 years ago in South Africa, when Spain took the title in rather dominating style.


This time situation was bit different. Spain took the lead but very soon van Persie scored a fantastic header, bringing Netherlands back into the game. In second half they completely dismantled the mighty Spain with four more goals, including one more by van Persie.


Robin van Persie is a Yang Fire person, born in a Goat month, which represents end of the summer, therefore Yang Fire is very strong in his chart. Earth and Water elements are also very strong, which brings to him creativity and authority, which is clearly reflected by his leadership role in his national team.


Wood element is also very strong in the chart, bringing in his particular case ability to analyze and approach situations in a unique ways.


Yin Earth is generally not very welcomed element in Yang Fire chart, but here is kept under control by his strong wood, and not to forget that this year is Yang Wood, therefore Yin Earth is unable to damage his chart flow.



He completely lacks Metal element (although we can’t be 100% sure without birth time) but as far we can see his chart doesn’t need it at all, the environment is set in such way that there is no need for Metal.


Yang Fire people are great leaders, but on their own they can’t do much, they need a team of people to make things happened. Yang Fire is like a sun, it provides warmth to the planets around, this way it fulfills its purpose, but without planets to reflect light, sun is alone in the darkness.


Yang Fire people, once they make up their mind, can become extremely focused on what they do, allowing very little distraction. Once they are on the right path, they are almost impossible to stop (for example Steve Jobs). The downside is when they are on the wrong path, it gets really hard to change (for example Hitler).


Van Persie’s chart have all the qualities of a great leader and he is definitely showing that on the field.