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Why Luka Modric suddenly becomes so valuable?

Posted on March 22, 2013, Posted in News, Sport

Image: Marca.com

An article in Marca elaborates on how come Luka Modric suddenly is becoming a hero of Real Madrid while just few weeks ago he was labeled as last year’s biggest flop amongst football transfers?


Luka Modric is a Yin Metal person without any fire element in his birth chart. Normally a Yin Metal with this kind of element condition, especially when lacking Yang Fire, wouldn’t be able to shine, wouldn’t have any leadership skills and would struggle with any career altogether.

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US Presidential Elections – The Final Showdown. Who Will Win?

Posted on October 27, 2012, Posted in Politics, Prophecy

Credit: Charlie Neibergall

After more than a year of battling, over 2 billion dollars raised and spent, 3 TV debates, endless polemics about all kinds of issues and the unavoidable internet memes including horses, bayonets and battleships, we are almost done.


One more week and we will find out whether Obama will keep his hot seat or whether it will be taken by Romney.


So, let’s see what we can predict from the element point of view, how their luck is developing during this critical period.
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Daily Element Forecast – Saturday, 01. September 2012

Posted on September 1, 2012, Posted in Daily element forecast
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It’s full moon time and although its maximum was yesterday for sure many are still having symptoms such as irritability, exaggerated worrying, lack of confidence, pains and aches and not being able to sleep. Some of us, all depending on our elements, will suffer from a slight to severe distortion of reality for up to 4 days around the full moon. Others will be enjoying the other side of the scale, feeling exhilarated and happy.
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Yang Metal Series – Michael Phelps

Posted on August 16, 2012, Posted in Case studies, Sport

Image: Wikipedia

Olympic games in London have just finished so it’s good time to present one of their biggest stars, Michael Phelps, the greatest olympian of all times who won 22 medals in 3 olympic games which is absolut record.

Phelps has one of the best element combinations for training sports, Yang Metal and Ox, both being naturally hard workers, can handle enormous pressure and are extremely competitive. Yang Metals do not like to lose and only recognize the first place as success.
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Yang Metal Week – Margaret Thatcher

Posted on August 15, 2012, Posted in Announcements, Case studies, Politics

Image: Wikipedia

Our Yang Metal Week continues and today we are presenting one very special lady, the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, former primeminister of Great Britain.

We hope that there is nobody out there who still believes that her nickname, Iron Lady, and her Yang Metal personality are just coincidence? As you can see here again, there is no such thing as coincidence in life. Ever.
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