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And Oscar goes to… Christoph Waltz

Posted on March 20, 2013, Posted in Entertainment, News

Image: Wikipedia

This is our 3rd post on Oscar winners, check out the previous ones on Daniel Day Lewis and Jennifer Lawrence.


Christoph Waltz was born on a Yang Wood day in a Monkey year. Yang Wood people are known for their ability to do only one thing and bring it to perfection. Yang Wood people are however not suitable for main roles, being the head of a company or any kind of leadership position. They are more suitable for secondary roles, under strong supervision. Therefore we mostly see Waltz playing a great role in a great movie and always as an auxiliary part, but here he is often able to steal the show due to his incredible acting skills.

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Welcoming Wood Tiger Month

Posted on February 11, 2013, Posted in News

Every Chinese year starts with the Tiger month which also represents the beginning of spring. The Tiger is known for its vibrant energy. It represents the time of the year when hibernation is coming to an end and spring is stirring.


The Tiger’s elements are mostly made up of Yang Wood but also contain some Yang Fire and Yang Earth. This particular month brings us additional Yang Wood on top of the Tiger energy, so we have so called Wood Tiger month, therefore we have an extremely strong wood dominance during this time.

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Andy Murray and Ivan Lendl – Two Yang Woods teamed up for great results

Posted on September 11, 2012, Posted in News, Sport

Image: The Sun

Andy Murray finally reached his goal. He bitterly lost many finals in recent years, but now his perseverance literally paid off. This great breakthrough happened after Murray hired a new coach, the tennis legend, Ivan Lendl, or Ivan the terrible, as he used to be called. The man with no smile finally succumed to showing a small portion of his front teeth while slightly shifting from side to side during the award ceremony which could have signified some satisfacion at having helped to bring this victory about.

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