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World Cup player of the day: Neymar

Posted on June 14, 2014, Posted in Sport

NeymarThe World Cup fever is catching on. To celebrate this extraordinary gathering of talented football players every day we shall publish a chart of the player of the day, which will be chosen by our small jury :-)


Yesterday Neymar was definitely the player of the day. He scored two goals while his team, Brazil, successfully overcame the first opponent, Croatia, towards their ultimate goal, winning the World Cup.


Neymar is a Yin Metal person with a strong presence of water and wood element, which in his particular case brings creativity and wealth. Yin Metals are known by their attention seeking nature, a spotlight is their natural environment where they feel the best.


He is a so called “clean” Yin Metal, thoroughly polished by the water element, which makes him shine and very popular.


Creativity is definitely the first word which comes to us while looking into Neymar’s chart. Yang Water also gives him ability to find quick solutions on the field, like the water which always finds the way to go through, even if it’s just a little crack, but big enough to come out to the other end. Considering that earth element is rather weak in his chart, this water is practically unstoppable.


He is also a bit of a rebel, can’t really be controlled, the best coach can do is to let him do his thing and let the team support him, which is exactly the situation in Brazilian team.


Altogether, rather amazing chart, with his creativity feeding his wealth, he is ought to be extremely successful.


You can check his chart here: http://www.turtleluck.com/life-analysis/?c=ce1095452bf55ce9cd7a407a5568850b6c328ab9

Why Luka Modric suddenly becomes so valuable?

Posted on March 22, 2013, Posted in News, Sport

Image: Marca.com

An article in Marca elaborates on how come Luka Modric suddenly is becoming a hero of Real Madrid while just few weeks ago he was labeled as last year’s biggest flop amongst football transfers?


Luka Modric is a Yin Metal person without any fire element in his birth chart. Normally a Yin Metal with this kind of element condition, especially when lacking Yang Fire, wouldn’t be able to shine, wouldn’t have any leadership skills and would struggle with any career altogether.

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And Oscar goes to… Daniel Day-Lewis

Posted on February 25, 2013, Posted in Entertainment, News
Daniel Day-Lewis

Image: Oscar.com

So, the Oscars have been and gone and this year there is no clear favorite. All the main Oscars were distributed quite fairly between a few great movies, mainly Argo, Lincoln, Silver Linings, Les Miserables and Django Unchained.


We decided to have a look into chart of the two best actors and two best supporting actors this year, maybe there is something interesting. In this first post we will cover the best actor, Daniel Day-Lewis.


Daniel Day-Lewis is born in a Rooster year on a Yin Metal day. The day of birth is the most important therefore he is considered to be Yin Metal person. Yin Metal already on it’s own is an element which seeks publicity and thrives in the limelight. Considering him being born in a Rooster year, which is practically a pure Yin Metal sign, we can conclude that he is clearly a strong Yin Metal person.

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Our experts confirm Angelina Jolie’s suffering from Hepatitis C may well be true

Posted on September 25, 2012, Posted in Entertainment, News

The news that Angelina Jolie might be suffering from Hepatitis C caused by drug abuse in her younger years was revealed today. This might be the reason for her dramatic weight loss in recent months and her recent collapses in public.


We checked her element situation straight away and we have to confirm her suffering from a liver condition since 2009 which is now manifesting itself more intensely.

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Yin Metal Series – Osama Bin Laden

Posted on August 13, 2012, Posted in Case studies, Politics

osama-bin-ladenNow, for the last Yin Metal this week we left a very unusual one, or we could say, a Yin Metal would be our last choice if we would have to guess, but somehow it all makes sense.

Osama Bin Laden is most famous for two things, his terroristic actions, including the  9/11 attack, and his appearances on video tapes where he was leaving messages for the whole world.
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Yin Metal Series – Christian Bale

Posted on August 11, 2012, Posted in Case studies, Entertainment

Today we have another Yin Metal / Tiger celebrity.

It seems this combination really suites achievers in showbusiness. After Lady Gaga and Marilyn Monroe we have Christian Bale with this sparkling combination.

Christian Bale looked stunning in 3 Batman movies and the interesting thing is that in the 2nd Batman movie, The Dark Knight, there were 3 Yin Metals in important roles. Christian Bale as Batman, Heath Ledger as Joker and Christopher Nolan as director of the movie.
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Yin Metal Series – Michael Jordan

Posted on August 10, 2012, Posted in Case studies, Sport

michael-jordanToday we are introducing the first male person of our Yin Metal Week.

Michael Jordan is probably the best basketball player ever. But what really separated him from the rest is his ability to present himself and build business on top of his image, including his strong advertising deal with Nike, appearance in movies and being involved in showbusiness generally.
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Yin Metal Series – Lady Gaga

Posted on , Posted in Case studies, Entertainment

lady-gagaYin Metal week continues on Turtle Luck.

Today we are introducing Lady Gaga.

After further research into Yin Metal celebrities we recognized certain patterns. Usually their Yin Metal is very strong, doubled by a second Yin Metal somewhere in their chart and powered by a strong Yang Fire. At least two Yang Fire elements show up in Lady Gaga’s, Marilyn Monroe‘s and Angelina Jolie‘s chart. Yang Fire makes Yin Metal people shine and with these 3 superstars we can se how that works.
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Yin Metal Series – Angelina Jolie

Posted on August 9, 2012, Posted in Case studies, Entertainment

It’s Yin Metal week on Turtle Luck.

Today we are introducing another lady who shows a very typical Yin Metal personality, Angelina Jolie.

Angie loves publicity, being well dressed and involving in charity actions, which is very typical for Yin Metal people.

She also can’t bear injustice, typical for her type. that is why we can see her visiting balkan countries lately, trying to influence post-war conflicts and make things straight and right.
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