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Ox (Bull, Cow)



Warriors of worry, the Ox is constantly trying to put the world to rights. The future worries you, particularly for your children. You desire routine and order, peace and tranquillity. You are a romantic, idealistic perfectionist from a time long forgotten by others, but never by you. These days, you complain that the world is too fast and furious; you’re a curious glitch in this modern world. You actually like old-fashioned principles and values and that’s what you are all about – principles. The trouble is, most other people have left you behind and you feel lonesome and so you stick up even more for what isn’t anymore.

And who could disagree with you? Maybe you are right after all – maybe everything is too fast and furious and we need the Ox’s insight and vision to fix everything.

From everyone, it is the Ox who knows who’s who and what’s what; they have the age old solutions for today’s modern problems.

Never mind you look half asleep and ponderous, never mind that the others think you are obstinate and rather fixed in the past. In fact, these are only partly true – but the real Ox is much more profound than others think and often can see the truth where others only see their subjective view point. Thus, your views are in fact well valued and sought after.

Business & Career

The Ox is very good with people, however, they have very high standards, and woe betide anyone who is found to be dishonest or lazy at work. You are dependable and accountable and will always try your best. You are tolerant and patient, but not towards new technology, which you would rather hadn’t been invented! Innovations need to be slowly introduced, or you will be charged at by the Ox. As soon as they have accepted the technology, however, they like to stay the same and will fight any efforts for “upgrades”.

In fact, you are an incredibly hard-working type – just look at the Ox ploughing the fields from dawn to dusk; without you, nothing would get done and the show wouldn’t go on. However, you like being in the backdrops of life organizing everything and dislike publicity.

The Ox will excel in four main areas: business management; anything to do with food or cooking; anything to do with organising the arts; farming or horticultural; quite simply, the Ox does well in any job involving trust and accountability. Trust them to organise your accounts and management procedures schedules and meetings…

Whether big or small, the Ox will steadily trod towards seeing it become reality, because whilst the Ox is not a creator of ideas, they are excellent at cultivating ideas and turning them into reality. The private Ox deserves huge respect and space – if you spend time checking all their moves for mistakes, expect them to become resistant and lazy. On the other hand, they can easily slip into workaholism and thus they need to be managed well.

For all colleagues, employees and employers alike; take care as the Ox is big and strong – don’t make them your foe.

Romance & Relationship

If and when an Ox falls in love, its forever – just keep on telling them you love them at least 20 times a day. The Ox has loads of love and is extremely loyal and so when an Ox falls in love, it is “‘til death do us part”; it doesn’t matter what you do; cheating, lying, nastiness, anything. In fact, the Ox can easily fall for the wrong partner, even if they spend a lot of time trying to decide if they are the “one”, and then spend forever not fixing them, but putting up with all sorts. Thus if you decide to call it a day then you need to explain it to them over breakfast, lunch and dinner, or they will think by the next meal time you changed your mind.

They are fairly reliable and low maintenance, but yes, they do need comforting and non-stop attention, or they can get a little bit down-cast. Anyone who does fall in love with an Ox will however, get very good value for their money, as an Ox gives with their whole heart and soul – which is huge! So, if you are going for an Ox, look out, you are going to be stuck with a happy devotee who will follow you across the earth and… beyond -whether you like it – or not.

Having said that, marriage for the Ox – despite it being a rather conservative beast – will show up how surprisingly modern they can be, as it seems worthless to them, so they will say yes, but don’t expect them to get worked up about it. Of course, once married, don’t expect any divorce!

In bed you are fairly conventional in your tastes but you would try anything IF you are pushed into it and you are tremendously physical and like a lot of love. You expect your partner to be completely totally faithful and in fact, sex is practically the only time that you are ready give up control and time!

Ironically, because you don’t talk openly to your partner what you want – but you expect them to service you to the full and meet all your needs – your partner can find it hard to deal with you sometimes. Thus, their partner will have to do all the talking and explaining and then they can be brilliant lovers, partly because although they lack imagination, they have inexhaustible energy and can stay on longer, and are also champions of being natural, honest and open. So, if love marathons are your thing, the Ox will do it for you. However, if you want illicit, risky, delicate or mysterious sexual experiences, go for someone completely different.


Family makes the Ox feel whole and happy. The Ox will do anything required for their happiness and well-being, working like crazy after hours and suffering if necessary! With no family, the Ox is rootless and goalless. In short, family is all to the Ox and although they can be rather disciplinarian they will give everything to their children and make marvellous parents.


Strengths  Weaknesses 
  • Simple
  • Dependable
  • Patient
  • Kind
  • Ambitious
  • Modest
  • Honest
  • Industrious
  • Steady
  • Persistent
  • Stubborn
  • Conservative
  • Materialistic
  • Old fashioned
  • Cautious
  • Distant
  • Unimaginative
  • Bigoted
  • Bad tempered
  • Eccentric


Relationships with other signs

Ox – Intensity, can be favourable or unfavourable depending on character.

Rat and Tiger – Helps you grow, gives support but can be uncomfortable. Will support each other in an external sense, but will not share any true inner communication.

Rabbit and Pig – Brings opportunities and growth. Compatible elements, eager to exchange and work together.

Dragon and Dog – Brings challenge and conflict. Tremendous growth is possible under this stressful aspect.

Snake and Rooster – Comfortable, harmonious, brings creativity and expansion.

Horse and Monkey – Difficult to communicate with each other, requires adjustment and adaptation. Since they have little in common, it is difficult to harmonize their energies.

Goat – Confrontation, against each other. Through an opposition, a person has an opportunity to gain greater awareness of himself/ herself and others. Sometimes, these forces cannot be resolved and the only solution is to compromise.

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