Yang Metal Series – Michael Phelps

Posted on August 16, 2012

Image: Wikipedia

Olympic games in London have just finished so it’s good time to present one of their biggest stars, Michael Phelps, the greatest olympian of all times who won 22 medals in 3 olympic games which is absolut record.

Phelps has one of the best element combinations for training sports, Yang Metal and Ox, both being naturally hard workers, can handle enormous pressure and are extremely competitive. Yang Metals do not like to lose and only recognize the first place as success.

For Yang Metal it is very important to start hard training and education at a young age, later it is much more difficult to steer them into the right direction. Phelps started with swimming at age 7 and very soon was recognized as great talent and started working with a coach. At  the age of 10 he was already holding a national record for his age, at age 15 he attended first Olympic games.

When Yang Metal is steered in the right direction at a young age and given clear goals and strong coaching, success comes naturally to them and they don’t  find it hard. They are actually able to enjoy all the pressure.

The interesting thing about Michael Phelps is that his chart is quite balanced, all the elements being around +/- 1, only earth goes up to +2.8, which is not very problematic for Yang Metal. This shows  he is naturally quite balanced and healthy, giving perfect conditions for building an extraordinary athlete.

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