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Yang Earth



Yang Earth is represented by a massive solid rock or mountain. They are steady and reliable people on whom you can always count on to be there. Mountains are not easy to move so their main qualities are stability and support.

As they are represented by the mountain –  Yang Earth are very strong and slow in decisions – they take their time. They are realistic, sociable and attractive when young. The women are strong – more like men… especially in relationship – and they generally have big vision.
Because of their hugeness, Yang Earth people are sometimes slow to move and can easily fall into procrastination and self-indulgent behaviour unless there is some strong external force which will make them move.

Everybody likes to tell their secrets to the mountain but they do not like sharing their own, so often Yang Earth may seem very mystical. However, once they get to know somebody they will open up and become rather chatty and fun. Furthermore, they often change their minds, which drives people around them crazy. On the other hand, Yang Earth can achieve success on their own; they don’t need nurturing from others and they often don’t offer it to others. It is the mountain – it does not go to people, people come to them.

It generates and develops its own talent, without help of others. A mountain is always self-sufficient and all they need is within themselves. They do not like to rely on other people and they crave constantly for independence.

Thus it can function quite well on its own and those with clear goals can easily turn themselves into becoming whatever they want to be. But they can also be rather stubborn and refuse influence from their surroundings, which can slow them down immensely. So, whilst Yang Earths don’t seem to be able to take in any one’s ideas or advice, actually they are discerning and with time can accept the truth even if it comes from a different source from themselves. Thus, in a team Yang Earth can be a great support for the whole – the team’s foundation – but don’t expect them to be the trail blazing innovators inspiring others to reach into the unknown!

Once Yang Earth chooses their passion, there is no force to stop them. To achieve their goals, they spend lots of time building foundations before actual work begins – they are used to having good foundations for whatever they do. However, due to their problem of being procrastinators to the highest degree, sometimes these preparations can go over the top. This element type is the one that keeps everything together and in place – sets the foundations for success. Once the foundation is established, Yang Earths can achieve great success. The richest people in the world are these types, as they have the ability to literally build huge businesses from the base to the top.

They often mix their feelings and logic and can’t distinguish the difference between the two. When it comes to important things, Yang Earth will always listen to their heart rather than their logic. Those who are able to balance and merge these two can achieve great things but often this battle of heart and logic can drive them to take endless time into making decisions – you got it – meaning more procrastination.
On top of this, they have their very own moral principles and spend lots of time weighing up whether something is the right thing to do or not. This can be a good thing – but once again can lead to their old problem… yes, you guessed it – procrastination.

Finally, whilst they appear to be rather calm from the outside, from the inside, Yang Earth people are often boiling with emotions, like lava in a volcano, ready to erupt. Look out world!


In terms of career – they start off very slowly – need a lot of time to build a foundation. But once this is done, they can go at the speed of light. In the beginning one can’t see what they are doing as they are very steady and methodical in their work. They are the base to everything…and they can do anything – but they are best in the area of business, because of their ability to build from the beginnings to the very top – and build high.

At work, Yang Earth people always expect other people to bring work to them, not the other way around. Those who know them might play along but often this attitude can cause lots of friction at their workplace. But once they start doing it, they will always produce results. But they should learn how to be more initiative. In fact, they can’t be pushed into anything and if you try that you will get a counter effect, you might get pushed back. They need their time and place to make up their own mind and then you will see them functioning. Actually, when there is a lot of work to do they do not waste or chat their time away. They will take a corner and quietly get on with it.

One issue for them is also trust – especially if they do not trust their boss, they will keep a good distance and their work might become restricted by this.

Otherwise, sometimes it can be really hard to get them to talk; during discussions and meetings they will say only what is necessary – but they might open more in smaller groups and in one-on-one conversations.
Finally, in time they build their own empire, where their rules becomes the general law, can become very stubborn.



As leaders Yang Earth people are usually rather friendly and tend to make good relationships with their subordinates so they are very likable at work but in some cases this attitude can cause some people to try and take advantage of them. They also might have problems getting people to respect them, especially if they draw a line between their close friends and the rest of the people. In fact, Yang Earth people tend to create close relationships with just a few individuals and in smaller groups where they are able to open up more easily.

In leadership they have their own set of rules and principles; this gives them a sense of structure and boosts their confidence. But when it comes to implementation, they do not use force and are rather flexible and will listen to and accept other people’s viewpoints. But when it comes to the key point they will take a strong stand and make a decision on their own.



Yang Earth have this friendly business style where they often give out a certain amount of money or a certain opportunity just because they we not able to refuse a person. Sometimes this can be a small act of friendliness but sometimes can go bit too far and can cost Yang Earth quite a lot of money, time, energy and patience!

Otherwise, they tend to involve quite a lot and thus prefer face to face interaction with their clients to make sure that all is going well. However, they are not very good negotiators, are often too soft and not able to put across their terms and conditions very clearly nor powerfully. Therefore it’s good for them to team up with people who are good in those kinds of areas.
Furthermore, get them a secretary – fast! They do not like paperwork and prefer somebody else to do it for them.



Emotions and money do not go well together, and many of Yang Earth’s financial decisions are made according to their moods, which means they are often switching decisions, trying different, apparently better things. They mostly lack consistency with financial planning and they rarely take advice from other people and like to do their own research; once they make a plan they will not share it with others, so regardless the plan is good or bad, there is no way back for them and thus they can wreak havoc without other parties knowing what was going on.

Thus, it would be good for Yang Earth to share their plans with others, so they can avoid mistakes which can be easily caused by their overly emotional view on things.


Relationships with people

Yang Earth people are very much concerned about other people and often if they see somebody close to them is unhappy they will first exam themselves to see what they can improve to help that person. Therefore they are very popular with people because others can feel that they deeply care about close friends and partners. Unfortunately this can also lead them to neglect their own feelings and needs. As can be seen, Yang Earth people are rather emotional and often these emotions can get in their way, if they do not combine them with logic in a balanced manner.

They have very good friend-making abilities – skills which they often underestimate – and are able to approach new people relatively easily. In fact, Yang Earth people draw their self-confidence from their relationships with their close ones; the stronger the relationships they have, the more confident they feel. Indeed, family relationships are the most important for them and if they have good support they are able to do great things. This is especially the case with female Yang Earths.

A good love relationship is a safe haven for Yang Earth, a place to go when everything else seems doomed, and there they will feel fulfilled regardless of their current status or finances. And a good relationship with children will give them a further boost of confidence, as kids are extremely important for Yang Earth.

If they do something wrong or they harm the person’s feelings, they do not have a problem to apologize and they like to straighten things out straight away, so the air is clear.

Due to their strong inner feelings they often carry lots of anger inside which sometimes erupts onto the wrong person. To avoid damaging relationships with people Yang Earth people should learn to control their feelings and remove themselves from situations and people who might provoke their emotions. Before the next outburst it’s good to take a step back and see what the consequences are and check to see whether they are overreacting.


Strengths  Weaknesses 
  • Persistent
  • Down-to-earth
  • Realistic
  • Wise
  • Stable
  • Trustworthy
  • Kind
  • Understanding
  • Open minded
  • Friendly
  • Stubborn
  • Indecisive
  • Perfectionist
  • Emotional
  • Hot-headed
  • Loners
  • Reserved
  • Inconsistent
  • Moody
  • Overly self-reliant


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