Lack fire people cheer up – Good times are ahead

Posted on November 26, 2012

The last couple of years were not very comfortable for people born as a weak fire element or needing fire to balance their main element. The reason for this is that since 2008 we had a very small amount of fire element around, due to a specific combination of elements.


From next year, 2013, things are going to get better for all those who are craving warmth and spirit. First there will be a Yin Water / Snake combination where the Snake represents the beginning of the summer season and introduces a fair amount of Yang Fire.


In 2014 it will actually get hot, due to a Yang Wood / Horse combination. The wood which feeds the fire will create a lot of heat. Imagine a forrest fire! That is the kind of heat we can expect in the year 2014.


The strong fire will continue in 2015 where Yin Wood meets the Goat who’s Yin Fire will happily burn grass and plants.

The Fire period will also bring about more physical fires in our environment as well as overheating of situations. So keeping cool and relaxed and taking care not to ignite situations and our surroundings is very necessary.


In 2016 and 2017 we shall still be under the influence of Yang Fire and Yin Fire respectively, although by that time we shall begin entering the autumn season, first with the Monkey and then the Rooster year.


As a positive side effect, this strong combination of wood and fire will create also a lot of earth, so people lacking earth in their chart will enjoy more balanced lives as well.


On other side, who has too much fire will have a difficult time, especially during the summer seasons. Fire people need to take extra care these next few years and try to cool themselves down in any possible way, otherwise they might simply burn out. The most critical period will be the 2014 summer season.


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