The year 2012 – The Water Dragon

Posted on November 30, 2012

This year we have witnessed many catastrophes caused by water. The reason for this is the Dragon year, more correctly, the Water Dragon year, which is know for its unpredictable nature, especially with forces of water.


Water Dragon year brings cold winter and floods. We all witnessed last winter very cold weather in North America. Europe have experienced the arctic winter. Very high snow fell even in the area of Adriatic sea, such high snow wasn’t registered there for decades.


At the beginning of the winter season, during the Dog month, when Dragon year is most disturbing, devastating hurricane and flood hit the east coast of USA, thousands of people have lost their homes. In last few days floods are hitting UK as well.


The water element in five elements cycle represents winter and it’s very normal that during this year we experience lower temperatures and floods. The worst is still not behind us, December and January are going to be very cold as well. The dragon is still able to hit with a tail on the way out.


Regarding human emotions during the Water year, we might experience lots of fear, on personal and global levels. Water also represents secrets due to its ability to store information. Lots of false information will cruise around producing even more fear and paranoia. People will collectively express their fears through the medias.



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