12 Chinese Zodiacs in your company – Are your employees positioned correctly?

Posted on May 3, 2013

Image: about-sichuan-china.com

If you are a business owner you will need to find the best way to decide quickly for which role or job each one of your employees is most suited. Usually we would rely on feelings, experience or recommendation, any misjudgment usually results in losses and frustration. However Chinese astrology can provide reliable and clear insights into potentials and possibilities.

Here are the 12 Chinese zodiacs respectively with their optimal positioning within a company or organization. 


Please note that this is a general overview which may not be exact for every person. For high accuracy an individual Life Analysis for each person is necessary. The day and time of birth will show the overall element balance which is crucial to determine anyone’s potential.


The busy Rats are mainly into family, money and business and they like to have freedom to wheel and deal. If you have a Rat person in your company you should make sure that financial goals are clear and appealing to them. The best is if you put a ready product or service in their hands and give them freedom to go out, make contacts and do their thing. Money itself is motivating enough for Rats, it gives them their desired conditions to enjoy family comfort, if they have time for it. If you want a brilliant sales person, hire a Rat. Notable Rats: Mark Zuckerberg and Lewis Hamilton.



Oxen are the hard workers of the Zodiac. They like to pull a heavy workload but prefer to do so behind the scene. They can be very artistic but do not enjoy the limelight and prefer keeping themselves back, if possible. Ox does not come up with ideas so easily, but is good at realizing other peoples ideas. Management and organization are their strengths so make sure you position them right to benefit your company and your employee as well. Being workaholics Oxen need to have a regular schedule and time off for rest and sleep, otherwise they easily burn out. Notable Oxen: Barack Obama and Meryl Streep.


Tigers are risk takers and natural born leaders. They do not like to take orders so often they pursue their own business or they find careers where they have a lot of creative freedom and challenges. If you need somebody to do challenging work which requires making a lot of tough decisions, Tigers are right choice for you, but we warn you, you have to know how to deal with their egos and use it in a right way. Notable Tigers: Tom Cruise and Lady Gaga.


Rabbits are essentially scientists, they prefer to work on their projects in a quite and peaceful places. They are great data analyzers and organizers. They have an unique way of thinking and are able to provide solutions before even you know that you have a problem. They are known for their patience at work so they are able to cut through lots of complicated issues to make things happen. They are not great team players though and often like to do their own business, but if you do manage to hold them in your company, definitely use them for their brain, not the muscles. Notable Rabbits: Lionel Messi and Conan O’Brien.


The mighty Dragons don’t really like to work. They like anything else that comes out of work, such as glory, status and money, but work itself is for most of them an unfamiliar thing. But if you do have a Dragon around your company then you should use them to entertain your premium clients and organize astonishing parties. This is where their ability to present and glorify an institution (and themselves) really comes to life. Don’t try to tame a Dragon into boring daily activities, you will be both disappointed. Dragons need action, a stage, anything that is unusual and grand. Notable Dragons: Rihanna and Adele.


Snakes often look very lazy but once you get to know them you will realize they are simply just much more efficient than any other zodiac. At work they use their intelligence and strategic abilities and this is how they cut their work time to a minimum, through careful planning. They do not like to fly high and often shy away from business challenges. Snakes enjoy mysteries and solving problems fast and efficiently. Notable Snakes: Robert Downey Jr. and Charlie Sheen.


Two words for Horses, communication and freedom. If you lock them to the table doing a job which requires no communication with other people, you will end up with one very depressed and frustrated Horse. They do not like routines and when they are bored they will quickly shift things around. You can’t expect many brilliant ideas coming from them, but to deliver ideas across to other people, you wont find a better person than a Horse. If you have a PR or marketing department in your company, put the Horse in charge and you will see your company thrive. Notable Horses: Jennifer Lawrence and Sean Connery.


Goats do not work, as simple as that. They might do some small jobs to earn a bit of cash, or they are waiting for their book to be published, but to see them doing an actual 9 to 5 job is a rare case. Goats are masters in getting somebody else to pay for their living, in most cases parents or other family members who have to take care of the poor Goats their entire life. If somehow you do have a Goat working in your company  put them to do something creative, artistic, something where they can express themselves in their own way. Goats need a lot of support and we do need Goats to make our world more beautiful and artistic. Notable Goats: Steve Jobs and Pink.


Monkeys like to be busy constantly, always striving for mental and physical stimulation. They hate to be bored and can’t sit still for very long. They also hate anybody breathing down their necks so they need a job which involves a lot of independence and trust, from both sides. Monkeys are high flyers, dreamers, and even if those dreams never come true, they keep inspiring themselves and others. If you need an imaginative team member, a problem solver, hire a Monkey. Notable Monkeys: Hugh Jackman and Will Smith.


Roosters are charismatic and charming, they love to talk with people and to be surrounded by them. They like to be the center of attention, therefore they are excellent PR communicators or sales people. They dislike desk jobs and prefer being out there, meeting people and building their career that way. They are not very good at taking orders and often behave rather bossy. Keep them away from management and let them talk with customers and Roosters will turn out to be extremely useful to your company. Notable Roosters: Roger Federer and Beyonce (and not at all surprising, Osama Bin Laden, the grandmaster of PR).


Dogs are capable of really hard work, so hard that often their health will  suffer. They work best if goals are already set and work involves helping other people or any kind of social/charitable activity. They can be very creative and talented, especially in arts, science and research. They love order and harmony and do not fly high, their ambitions are quite modest and usually related to helping people. They love people and people love them. Notable Dogs: Matt Damon and David Bowie.


Pigs are naturally lazy, they do appreciate work and they understand that it has to be done, but somehow they prefer to live without any work at all, if possible. They do have ambitions but all related to their goals of an easier and more comfortable life. If a Pig has more of a wild nature, something like a Boar, it will often end up as a politician, however this just confirms their affinity for comfortable life, only in a bigger way. If they do end up with a daily job, they will do well as chefs, restaurant owners or any other service oriented business. Notable Pigs: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Amy Winehouse.

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