Edward Snowden chooses the wrong time to pickup a fight against the government

Posted on July 4, 2013

We can see some interesting facts by looking at Edward Snowden‘s chart, a guy who worked for NSA and now is in exile after leaking secret information about American and British secret surveillance plans.


First of all, he is a Yang Metal person, known for their obsession with justice and always fighting for common people. No wonder he took this hard task to go into battle against USA government. But things are not that simple and we can see that his actions are driven mostly by imbalance in his chart.


He is born in a Water Pig year, they are usually very mysterious people, able to store huge amount of information, deep down bellow. He is also an eccentric and type of person who always goes against the boss and establishment. A complainer, so to say. But he chooses very wrong time to pickup a fight against the government.


Problem is that Snowden is a weak Yang Metal person, born in the middle of summer when metal element is very much exhausted. The fire represents career to him, but also a boss. In his case the fire element is very unlucky for his chart, putting his Yang Metal under lots of heat, therefore is not surprising that he quit his job in a Snake year, which is fire, during the summer months, Snake and Horse. The heat is simply too strong for him so his career practically went down the drain, bringing legal problems as well.


There is also a clash between his Pig and Snake year which makes the situation for him practically unbearable.


So what might happen with him in a near future? His legal issues will continue for at least another 18 months, due to strong fire period, therefor it’s very unlikely that he will be able to find an asylum in some other country or for very long anyway, he will probably endup in prison.


His timing is very bad, to go against a government in the period of strong personal legal issues simply cannot bring good result. Although he did manage to make the whole case public, which was probably one of his goals, his own future is very uncertain at this moment and he personally might lose the most in this whole game. The question is is it worth it?





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