Yang Metal Series – Charlie Sheen

Posted on August 26, 2012

Image: New York Times

Name: Charlie Sheen    
Born: 03-Sep-1965
Profession: Actor
Main Element: Yang Metal
Zodiac: Snake

For the last Yang Metal in this series we are introducing a classic hollywood bad boy, Charlie Sheen. 

As we all learned (we hope) through this series of Yang Metal personalities, they can be rather stubborn and merciless. Charlie Sheen shows this very well in the way how he is handling his career and personal life.

One of the biggest threats for Yang Metal people is if they choose a wrong direction in life it can be extremely damaging for themselves and others and it’s almost impossible to stop them. Their path is their mission.

It’s hard to say how much of all the drama he produces is real and how much is acted for the purpose of keeping his career going, but as far everybody can see Charlie Sheen did use lots of drugs to keep himself high and he used this energy to entertain the audience. The problem is that when Yang Metal gets hooked-up on drugs, subconsciously decides to take that direction, there is little chance that anybody would be able to change his course.

As you can see from the chart, he is loaded with Metal Element, specially the Yang one, making him even more stubborn and cruel in one way, towards himself and others.

He heavily lacks fire which normally makes his metal more useful and practical, therefore he always craves for audience and publicity, from audience he gets fire energy which his metal desperately needs. From zodiac side, he is a snake with double monkeys on the day and month of birth. This strong intelectual combination is making him very powerful in debates and public talking, and as we can see from his public apperances, he is using those skills like there is no tomorrow.

He is not having much wood, which in Yang Metal case reflects on his financial abilities. Not surprising considering how reckless he can be. More wood would balance his liver and bring more peaceful attitude.

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