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The Performer

Being the star of any show clearly defines the Performer. They are creative, ambitious, highly-driven and success- and image-oriented people. A perfectionist by nature, they are very competent and adaptable, always ready to take on a challenge.


The Performer is the star of the show, a sparkling personality that gets the accolades. The Performer Profile is meant to be under the limelight. You are a high-energy person to whom verbal articulation and creativity come together as a second nature. You are eloquent and ambitious, and ready to work hard for your dreams.


As they love success and being in the limelight, they are terribly afraid of failure and being insignificant, which also means they can be shallow, vain and unpredictable as well. They may sometimes spread themselves too thin, no thanks to their many interests. Your place in the spotlight can sometimes go on for too long. You may become highly critical of yourself and others, and take it too far in trying to please everyone.

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