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Yin Metal



Yin Metal people are represented in our world as precious metals and jewelry. From all elements they like to enjoy life the most, they like glitter and glamour, fine art and fine wine, they like to be seen in important places and with important people.

They do have a slight tendency to believe that they are better than others due to their fine tastes, and are infamous for liking to be the center of attention – for people to look at them – but this is often combined with their true abilities and skills which are often overlooked. They have a very unique view of things and they often might shock people with their views. When it comes to a well-developed Yin Metal, their shine will always have real substance and value behind it.

They do like flattery and can let it go on a long time, but they are not naive and they can recognize the fake friends from the real ones. At least most of them can!

Yin Metal can sometimes come across as hard and loud but it’s mostly harmless, in fact, they are very sensitive and do not react well to force; if you want to get something from them you have to act gently and slowly with them.

In terms of their mental processes, they have rather unique way of thinking, and they are able to find shortcuts to an intellectual problem, surprising everybody with it. They are the most out-of-the-box type of thinkers, therefore they can be great scientists, like for example Stephen Hawking, who is in fact Yin Metal as well.

Yin Metal, due to their intuitive abilities, tend to have meaningful dreams so it would be good thing to write them down.

They can be extensively creative and imaginative and you will never get a boring answer from a Yin Metal person, especially highly developed ones.

This extensive intellectual creativity has also negative effects like a tendency to moodiness and having a bad temper. When they are tired or irritable Yin Metal people can be rather harsh and tend to make bad decisions – and when under pressure they will react like a drama queen.

They are also always craving for and to be the best, so sometimes they might come over as greedy. The highly developed Yin Metal knows very well what is under its reach while weak Yin Metal might overstate its abilities. These materialistic temptations have to be well balanced and Yin Metal shouldn’t sacrifice its own principles just to gain something.

Saving face is very important for them, and they are very careful with their actions, but sometimes they do make mistakes and, oh boy, they don’t take it very easy and can become rather irrational to fix their impeccable image. Yin Metal is a piece of shiny jewelry and they do not stand any piece of dirt to lay on them for any longer than is necessary.

Yin Metal’s ego tends to be one of the strongest among all elements and can cause them to lose quite a few friends and opportunities because of it. When their self-esteem is low and they feel angry and anxious (which is quite often the case with Yin Metal) they tend to become rash and impulsive. They do have good instincts though, which can come to their rescue and pull them out of tricky situations most of the time.

Yin Metal needs appreciation and praise like living beings need water. Their life activity has to be something which involves people and lots of positive feedback. On the contrary, Yin Metal reacts very badly on criticism and humiliation; furthermore, an out of balance Yin Metal can be seriously disturbed with such acts.

Physical appearance and image in general is very important to this element, from being fit and healthy to having good clothes and accessories. Those ones who are naturally born without a well-balanced body have a tendency to make it up with their intellect, and rather extensively so. The best example for that is again – Stephen Hawking – Yin Metal just has to shine, no matter in which field.

They like to share their talents and skills with the world, not keep them for themselves, but there is a certain gap between their intellectual skills and actions; they are often not brave enough to bring their ideas into reality, so often they have to team up with people who are able to make reality.


When it comes to choosing a position, Yin Metals should choose anything that involves them making public appearances and speaking… In the case that you are one of those shy Yin Metals, then writing would be very suitable for you as well. The biggest problem with Yin Metal at work is that they are not able to handle much pressure and they do not function well when things are messy and unorganized. People around them should be aware of that, otherwise it will cause lots of trouble. Yin Metal has to feel that they are in control of the situation.



Although they are not very good at handling stress, Yin Metals can perform well as leaders – if they have a very good team which they can manage. They are very good at borrowing the strengths of their teammates and leveling them out across the business.

Yin Metal has this ability to be a boss, but actually not do much work! A great example of this is the Ex-President of America, George W. Bush, who gathered a strong team of people around him to handle everything whilst he was doing public appearances, traveling around the world and signing all the documents – but rarely making any important decisions. However, sometimes other people might not be keen to do all the work for them so it might cause a few issues.

As a leader, they might not spend much time with their subordinates, as they prefer to keep their status and authority intact, so they will spend most of their time with the same level of people as themselves.

This might create an air of arrogance and unfriendliness but this is just how they like to do it, as Yin Metal takes its leadership seriously and knows that if their subordinates sees their human sides they will lose their perfectionist façade. The trouble is, that no one is perfect and if someone acts as if they are, and then they are found out for what they really are, then the problems can start.

Otherwise, they are good in playing politics within the company and will always take care of themselves, choosing the right side at the right time, if possible, without ruining their shiny image.



Yin Metal likes to use facts and figure to bring the point across and they fill themselves with lots of knowledge to be able to back it up. They are always prepared and in business they like to be free and play things on their own. Their business has to reflect their passion but also has to bring them lots of money and a good lifestyle.

Although they like to be independent, they are often keen to have a business partner so it doesn’t need to do all the work! They certainly don’t like to get their hands dirty and frankly, as business is dirty, then having someone around to do the dirty business suits them very well, whilst they get on with the serious business of producing ideas.



Yin Metal people are careful with their money and they do not invest recklessly. Therefore sometimes they might miss an opportunity or two from being too calculative and relying too much on facts and figures.

If they do make a bad investment it’s hard for them to admit it, again to protect their face! On other hand, when they do well, everybody will know in no time at all.

They rarely have long-term financial plans, and mostly they try to make short term gains. On the other hand, highly developed and balanced Yin Metals have very well prepared long-term plans to secure financial stability for 3 generations ahead.


Relationship and Friendship

From the inside they are very sensitive and in relationships they can be rather selfless and thoughtful. Just when they are around many people they might come across as attention seekers.

In relationships they can be rather sentimental and sweet with their constant need to show off. Sometimes they can be too much for the other side but if their partner understands the nature of that element they might find it quite amusing.

Yin Metals are sometimes a bit over-calculating with their friendships, often connecting with people just for being able to gain something. They should learn how to be more sincere and create real connections with people based on true feelings and opening up of the inner self.

They are always well informed, so in conversation with their friends they always have to say something – and they always have something to say! They are also very good in recommending the best places to go – like restaurants and bars – because they like to be in the loop of what is going on.


Strengths  Weaknesses 
  • Elegant
  • Cultured
  • Witty
  • Eloquent
  • Creative
  • Intuitive
  • Unique
  • Meticulous
  • Sensitive
  • Multi-skilled
  • Show-off
  • Vain
  • Know-it-all
  • Perfectionist
  • Calculating
  • Moody
  • Proud
  • Over-sensitive
  • Fickle
  • Aloof


Famous people

Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, Grace Kelly, JFK, George Bush Jr., Kylie Minogue, Chuck Norris, Cuba Gooding Jr., Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, Christopher Nolan, James Franco, Daniel Craig, Michael Jordan, Larry Page, Ivana Trump, Stephen Hawking, Jessie J, Michael Stipe, Lady Gaga, Osama bin Laden, David Letterman, Eminem and Conan O’Brien.

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