Justin Bieber got bitten twice by Dog month already

Posted on October 11, 2012

Probably you all know that a few days ago we entered Dog month producing a considerable clash with the current Dragon year. This period is particulary hard for Dog and Dragon people and we are noticing the effect and reality of it in the news.



Justin Bieber, the big teenage star and born in the year of Dog, has been experiencing quite some difficulties already. First he vomited in middle of his stage performance and had to run back stage.


Only a few days later he was robbed during his show when somebody went backstage and nicked various items of value of his.



These are the kind of situations which Dogs and Dragons might experience during this month, unusual health issues, accidents and misfortunes. Unfortunately, he and his tour managers are probably not aware of this clash so for them everything is business as usual with intermittent catastrophes. It would be a great advantage if they would slow down a bit during this period to prevent serious damage.


Justin Bieber, being a Yang Fire person, will also have legal issues throughout this year and next, which is due to the Water element extinguishing his Fire. More and similar incidences may occur quite often during this time.

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