Dragons, ready for the showdown against your arch enemy the Dog?

Posted on October 3, 2012

As probably most of you know, this year is the year of the Water Dragon which generally has been quite challenging for many. The Dragon is a powerful animal and usually causes turbulence around with everyone getting scratched or burned by its tail or flame in one way or another.

This year has been especially difficult for Dragons and Dogs, bringing about plenty of challenges for both. But the worst is still to come. Dog month is from 8th October to 8th November. Dogs and Dragons are opposite zodiacs and clash, which in our case means it will bring very disturbing energies for all of us, but especially for Dragons.


For all Dragons out there we have a few tips how to prepare themselves for the Dog month and avoid major damage. The influence of the Dog is already becoming apparent. We have a few Dragons around our office and they are certainly feeling pressure and weakness already.


There are several critical moments this months which need to be taken into account.


8. October – This is beginning of the Dog month
16. October – Dog day, Dog month, the peek of Dog influence
28. October – Another Dog day, Dog month combination


Throughout the whole month you have to be also aware of the Dog hour, which is every day between 19:00 and 21:00. ESPECIALLY be aware of these hours on Dog days, where the triple Dog (hour, day and month) is clashing with Dragon. In these moments the energy will be the most dangerous.


What can Dragons do to protect themselves from problems which can show up in any area from health, relationship, business to financial challenges?


Dragons should take it very easy this month, don’t do important or risky tasks, don’t drive a car if you can avoid it, don’t go out in the evenings. After 18:00 you should slowly wind down, stop all activities and prepare yourself for the Dog hour by relaxing, maybe taking a bath, reading a relaxing book or watching a movie…


To print this image just click on it, it will open in a new tab, then print it out.

We also prepared a special symbol, which you can print out on a sheet of paper and Dragons should carry with them everywhere during Dog month. This symbol represents a Rooster which has the ability to divert the Dog’s attention from the Dragon. Dogs like chasing anything with wings.


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