Our experts confirm Angelina Jolie’s suffering from Hepatitis C may well be true

Posted on September 25, 2012

The news that Angelina Jolie might be suffering from Hepatitis C caused by drug abuse in her younger years was revealed today. This might be the reason for her dramatic weight loss in recent months and her recent collapses in public.


We checked her element situation straight away and we have to confirm her suffering from a liver condition since 2009 which is now manifesting itself more intensely.


Angelina Jolie’s health chart has a lot of similarity with another Yin Metal celebrity, Marilyn Monroe, both having serious liver issues in their late 30s.


Her health is generally not good, very fragile, in spite of the fitness routines she is keeping up for professional reasons. Overexercising might even be the cause of the deterioration, as too much sport will exhaust the liver especially if combined with radical dieting, which she has done plenty.


The good news is there might not be such a big problem, as far we can see from the chart, and she will recover soon unless there is an onset of liver cancer, in which case she may be facing with same troubles as Steve Jobs last year did.


Lets just hope that all turns out well for her.

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