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Liver functions are storing blood, creating conditions for energy or Qi, controlling the tendons, the nails and opening into the eye. The Liver is connected with the element of Wood and its energy possesses the function of regulation. It is responsible for the harmony of bodily Qi and it controls the emotions. Traditional Chinese medicine considers that the normal or abnormal function of free flowing Qi is directly related to emotional activities, for this reason the Liver likes peace and needs to relax regularly to maintain balance.

When the body has a balanced circulation of Qi it will have an empty mind and happy emotions. If there is a imbalance of energy flow, it will directly affect on the individual’s emotional state. Liver Qi stagnation will result in unhappy feelings, hypochondria and even depression, crying, and irregular menstruation. Over activity of the liver causes irritability, anger, insomnia, dream disturbed sleep, dizziness, vertigo, a ringing in the ear, or deafness.
If liver blood is deficient the symptoms of vertigo, spasm of muscles and tendons, impairment of flexion and extension of limbs and loss or scanty menstruation appear.

The tendons and ligaments rely on supply of liver blood. If balanced, it can nourish the tendons for normal movement but if weak it is possible to experience tremors of the hands or feet, numbness of the limbs, and difficulty in flexing and extending the limbs. Excess heat exhausts the body fluid leading to the consumption of blood, which will cause convulsions and lockjaw.

It is said that, “Nails are the remains of the tendons,” The dryness or moisture of the nails can reflect the sufficiency or insufficiency of liver blood.”

The liver has a close relationship with the eye, its function of storing blood, nourishes the eye as its channel travels upwards connecting to the eye system. Eye problems connect to the Liver.

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