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The Artist

The Artist defines an individual who is intellectual, learned and display a wide range of interests and competencies. They are creative with many talents and choose to express themselves through some artistic venture. They are passionate about life and are typically very cultured and refined in their lifestyle habits.


The Artist is creatively gifted; a cultured sophisticate valuing the life of the mind and of the arts. The Artist Profile sees self-expression as the highest form or originality. You are merciful and compassionate, and adore indulging in the finer things of life. You desire freedom and variety, and tend to be inspired by all experiences of life – it provides the fuel for your creative endeavours. You like things to go your way, as it is the only ‘right’ way.


They can also be dreamy and idealistic, and may not be able to face the painful realities of life. The Artist dislikes being controlled or managed, and is constantly afraid of being bored or stuck in a rut. They are also prone for being egotistical and impatient. You can be obtuse in wanting to only see the pleasurable side of life, with a tendency to avoid the ugly. Painful realities may easily bring you down, and you tend to use pleasure as a crutch to avoid problems.

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