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About Five Elements

The Five Elements Theory is an intrinsic part of the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which says that each of our five main vital organs (the Yin, or Zang organs), including the heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys and liver belongs to one of the five elements. Each one is also directly and fundamentally paired with a Yang or Fu organ, which explains connections in the body that modern medicine cannot. Thus, the fire element is connected with the heart and small intestine; metal is connected with the lungs and large intestine; wood is connected with the liver and gall bladder, water is connected with the kidneys and the urinary bladder and earth is connected with the spleen and stomach.
We have good mental, emotional and physical health if all 10 organs’ energies – which are based on the balance of the Five Elements at birth and also changing if this balance changes throughout our lifetimes – are in balance and harmonious, especially if the Yin, or five vital organs are healthy. Thus if any element is excessively strong or weak, imbalance will exist and illness will occur, in each elements’ related organs; or in each element’s related deep or superficial body parts; or in each element’s related emotional or mental aspects.
Thus, if someone’s fire element is imbalanced, this can mean their heart energy is weak, creating heart related problems; they are emotionally unhappy; and they are not very creative or highly spirited.
Furthermore, each element is related to a different aspect of our life – not just health – but also relationships, business, etc. So, again, if the fire element is weak, someone can have unhappy relationships or be always be falling in (and out) of love. Also, they can be drawn – or repelled – by certain people or activities and jobs – all according to the elements that such people or activities support or undermine. As time passes and our unique element code combines with the cycles and patterns of elemental changes from our earth and the sun, moon etc., then these interactions make an impact on our lives – in every aspect. Therefore, our own personal elemental code can be supported or weakened in any moment by our behaviour – and also the changes that are happening outside us, creating what people call, good or bad luck.
Thus the balance of the Five Elements is the true foundation of human life.

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