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5 Elements

The Theory of Five Elements is found in ancient Chinese history from around 240 B.C. It is believed that the five elements – metal, water, wood, fire and earth – are the fundamental forces, or energies, in the universe. Everything that happens in the universe, both material and non-material, results from the interaction of these five elements.  They are named after objects commonly found on earth, but they should not be viewed as physical objects. They are in fact five kinds of invisible, interacting energy and they can be applied to every aspect of life, including human behavior.

Another way to see them are just as the fundamental, continually interchanging phases or states of natural expressions of energy (or Qi), much like as Yin and Yang are also continually changing into each other as the dynamic unity of opposites.

The theory of five elements is also the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which says that each of our vital organs belongs to one of the elements. For instance, the fire element is connected with the heart, the metal element is connected with the lungs, the wood element represents the liver, water represents the kidneys and the stomach is an organ of the earth element. We have good health if all five organs, represented by the five elements, are in balance and harmonious. If an element is excessively strong or weak, this balance is upset and illness will occur.

Other aspects of life also connect with the five elements. For example each of the seasons corresponds with one of the elements – spring with wood, summer with fire etc. There are colors, tastes, smells, shapes, directions and many other characteristics for each element, so that any part of life can be viewed through understanding of this theory. The theory of five elements is also the foundation of Destiny, Feng Shui and all traditional Chinese life sciences.

The balance of the five elements in human life is very important, not only for health but for other areas of life as well.  The more the elements are balanced the happier, stronger, more creative and more peaceful we are… and then our life runs smoothly.

Five Elements – Color & Emotion Manifestation
Element Emotions Color Sound Tissues Smells
Fire Joy / Sadness Red Laughing Vessels Scorched
Wood Compassion / Anger Green Sighing Sinews / Tendons Rancid
Earth Peace / Worry Yellow Singing Muscles Fragrant / Sweet
Metal Clarity / Grief White Crying Skin Rotten
Water Will power / Fear Black Yawning Bones Putrid

Possible things to see in an imbalanced element in a person
Fire Malar flush (redness of cheeks), nervy unsettled nature, too much communicating, lacking confidence
Wood Red face, red eyes, twitching, headaches at vertex/ side of head, argumentative, resistant
Earth Un-toned muscles, digestive issues, over-thinking, over-nurturing
Metal Too detailed, too strong boundaries, judgemental, breathing problems, can’t let go in life
Water Quiet, softly spoken, dark blue/black face/under eyes, cold body, very low energy, sore lower back, weak knees

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