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The Director

The Director has this innate ability to manage people and situations and likes to be in control. They are reliable, responsible, organized and very results-oriented. They strive for improvements and are able to make quick decisions easily. They are also known to be very good at managing their finances.

The Director has a good eye for details and never loses sight of principles; you know just how things ought to be. The Director profile is known for its ability to knuckle down and work hard. You believe in doing good by being good, and have a strong sense of integrity. You are careful and trustworthy, and can set order to chaos.

However, the Director can also be seen as rigid and inflexible. They dislike being proven wrong or for making mistakes. They can easily be irritable and sarcastic. But most of all, they are more prone to be self-critical and has difficulty being happy for their achievements. You tend to become a little too comfortable with routine. You may sometimes judge others severely on their value system.

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