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The Leader

Charisma is one word to describe The Leader. They are captivating types who inspire, persuade and motivate people to rally around them, which is why they tend to make very effective and personable leaders. They are often tough, no-nonsense go-getters and ambitious with a strong drive to succeed.


The Leader is confident and courageous; a charismatic personality that connects to others emotionally. The Leader Profile is ambitious and possesses attractive allure. You are undeterred by problems and will do what’s necessary to get what you want in life. You are robust and not easily weakened, and can be extremely jovial and fun-loving.


On the negative side, they can be manipulative and devious in order to get what they want. The Leader is usually adept at putting on masks and facades to behave differently around different people. They are prone to envy and are likely to be stubborn and argumentative. You can easily become too severe in your quest for success. You sometimes have trouble separating your public persona from your personal self, and may find it difficult staying consistent.

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