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The Analyzer

Typically introspective, the Analyzer is known for their brainpower, their considerable intellect and reputation of being wise and knowledgeable. They have sophisticated practices and tastes in their habits, and dislikes anything flashy or attention-seeking.


The Analyzer dissects and breaks down information; a sharp mind with a gentle demeanor. The Analyzer Profile is the consummate examiner. You enjoy investigating every nook and cranny of information, and can absorb information like a sponge does water. You are caring and unselfish, and like to bring your intelligent and humane perspective to all that you do.


On the other hand, they can be overly laid-back or too impractical. Prone to mood swings, they rely too much on an emotional compass. They can be too proud and pretentious, and can easily be seen as snobbish because they consider themselves too good for others. You may be prone to over-thinking matters, with a tendency to fall prey to moodiness. You can become easily dissatisfied, and take the easy way out when things become difficult.

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