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The main physical functions of the heart are: controlling the blood, the complexion, the mind and the tongue. The heart controls the mind in terms of its spirit, consciousness, and thinking.

The heart is in charge of the blood vessels and these vessels are the pathways of blood circulation whilst the heart is the driving force of the blood circulation. Good circulation is dependant upon there being enough heart Qi, this heart energy allows blood to circulate constantly nourishing the whole body. If the blood supply to the heart blood is sufficient, then the pulse beats normally.

The heart is the Yin Fire organ and it has a relationship with the small intestine, which is the Yang Fire . If the heart energy is weak, the pulse is feeble or irregular and the facial complexion pale. Lack of heart Qi may lead to blood stagnation resulting in by a blue tinge to the skin, heart attack suffer’s lips often appear a b Fire organ. Traditional Chinese Medicine considers that mind means the process of thinking is brought about by the heart. If there is plenty of heart energy, the mind is clear, thinking is quick and one is full of vitality, however If the energy is weak it will lead to palpitations, insomnia, dream disturbed sleep and poor memory. If there is too much Fire or heat in the blood that disturbs the heart-mind resulting in delirium and coma.

One of the branches of the heart meridian is directly connected with the tongue which makes the sensory organ. So physiologically the tongue has a close relationship with the heart. Thus it is said, “The heart opens to the tongue,” or “The tongue is the sprout of the heart”. Problems such as speech impediments and stuttering are related to blockages in this heart channel.

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