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The Lung is one of the 5 Yin organs and relates to the Metal element.

The lung dominates the Qi or energy of breath, controls the respiration function and forms the barrier between the inner and outer worlds as air is internally and externally exchanged. It creates energy from air and distributes it through the entire body, as all the blood vessels lead to the lung. It also works in unison with the kidneys to regulate water metabolism, plays a key role in the immune system, controls sweat glands, body hair and moisture levels in the skin and the interior and exterior relationship with the large intestine.

The emotions connected with the lung are sadness and grief, and a kind of detachment. Symptoms of an imbalance include, shallow breathing and shortness of breath, sweating, frequent coughs and colds, fatigue, allergies, asthma, dry skin, depression and crying.

The metal element colours are silver, white, grey and orange and it is most active in the autumn season, it has a direct influence on our relationships and money.

If the lung function is normal the circulation of Qi throughout the body is smooth and harmonious however if there is a deficiency of Lung energy there will be weak respiration, uneven breathing, low speech and fatigue. There is a relationship between the skin, hair and lungs, if the Lung Qi is weak, defensive Qi and essential nutrients for the skin and hair are not dispersed.

The lung has a strong protective role as it defends the body from invasion via the skin by controlling the opening and closing of the pores to defending against invasion by pathogens or negative energy. The signs of such an invasion or a dysfunction of the lung are feeling cold, fevers, blocked nose, running nose, coughing and possibly asthma. If the lung Qi is weak and deficient there is insufficient defensive Qi, symptoms may show as rough and dry skin and hair.

As the lung channel passes through the throat it is the gateway of respiration and a vocal organ so when there is a good flow of energy, then the voice is clear and strong and conversely when there is an imbalance there may be hoarseness and soreness of the throat..

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